Worth a thousand words

Spotted outside a school in New York City:

Read all about it here.


  1. So how is it that China is eating our lunch again?….oh, right…..

  2. Or in the words of the classic Snickers commercial:

    Bystander: “That looks great– but who are the ‘Chefs’?”

    Endzone Painter: [slapping forehead] “Great Googledy Moogledy!!!”

    Voiceover: “Gonna be here a while? Grab a Snickers…”

  3. Not long after 9/11, I remember a photo of some Taliban rally where a guy held up a sign that read “Usama is our herrow!”

    That, for me, summed up the problem of fundamentalism better than anything I’ve ever seen.

  4. pagansister says:

    OOPS! What language is that again? My guess that is will still be there during the ice and snow time, and then in the spring perhaps the snow removal will make it hard to read and someone will actually REpaint it AND spell S C H O O L correctly ….or one hopes so anyhow. :o)

  5. I really thought this was a photoshop job. Wow is all I can say.

  6. Nah, Just no spellcheck, Joan.

    Peace to all

  7. Of course they have placed X where one might look for the word Cross. Kind of like Xmas. I remember years ago when our children went to school that they had school crossing guards and when my son became old enough, he wore a strap around his waist and across his chest. On it was a cross insignia which the priest blessed at the start of each year. Thought about that when I saw the X.

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