First Annual Milk Shake and New Media Conference

Attendees numbered two: Blogger and author Brandon Vogt, and Your Humble Blogger.  Venue: Steak-n-Shake in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  Monumental issues of great import were discussed, including the name of Mr. Vogt’s soon-to-be-born third child, who will be christened Augustine Xavier.  (If that’s not a Catholic name, I don’t know what is…I’m hoping they just call him “Gus.”)


  1. What a great photo! I’d love to meet Brandon and I know what its like to share a burger with you, having had that privilege in the past! I love blogger meet ups!

    Blessings in great abundance to Brandon and his family!

  2. pagansister says:

    So glad you are obviously having a great vacation in the much warmer weather! Continue to enjoy! And yes, from experience, I know Steak-n-Shake has delicious shakes, chocolate being my favorite.

  3. pagansister and i agree on something! when it’s time to celebrate, Steak-n-Shake is it. My memories of going there reach back 50 years. I was just there a couple of days ago (in Ypsilanti MI).

  4. Well, let’s order up another round, because although I failed to mention it, I love their shakes too! Deacon Greg, I think this may be the post for all of us with many diverse opinions to agree on!

  5. Ed Peters—-I celebrate our agreement. :o) Have a great Sunday!

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