Hitler reacts to the new Roman Missal

You knew this was coming sooner or later.

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  1. Elizabeth Scalia says:

    That’s a riot.

  2. UGH!
    There are a number of these on youtube, from Hitler finding out that Michael Jackson is dead, to Hitler finding out that he is Jewish, to Hitler finding out that his pizza is later in delivery. It’s all the same schtick.
    IMHO, I don’t really see the humor in this because it doesn’t fit.

  3. I agree with Dan S. Some of these spoofs are really funny but this one was not it really doesn’t make much sense.

  4. I think Hitler was evil and had too much airtime while he was alive. I find no humour in parodying him. I get the sentiment but poor choice of characters.


  6. I thought some of it was funny… “I am not a house…. how can the Spirit enter under my roof?” LOL. I’ve actually seen the whole movie in German with English subtitles, it is a very good film, you should watch it, and the ranting scene is much longer.

    The only thing that I found ironic is the thought of Nazis led by Hitler to mass, not very appropriate. Actually a scene representing the Obama administration finding out that the Bishops finally found courage (like the Lion in Alice) would have been funnier, but I think that this parody segment has been so used now its been beaten to death.

  7. I didn’t expect to like this but for me it’s genuine ROFL. The only reason Hitler is funny is because his well-known tirades are so cliche that they can be used effectively to rant about some of the things we hear every week (or, Heaven forbid, *say*.) What’s funny is not Hitler – it’s the screaming frustration.

    Chesterton was right. Thanks Deacon Greg :-) BTW I am a “dewfall” fan and there’s a pretty good explanation of why it is a better simile.

  8. I thought it was funny.

    Sad too that a human being could ever get so twisted as he did. I read somewhere that he had visits from a “dark figure” which left him terrified trembling when aides came upon him afterwards.

  9. Henry Karlson says:

    So, those who don’t like the new translation are like Hitler, and all the people here are laughing it up?

  10. ROFL!!! That was priceless!!

  11. No… as explained, the Hitler meme just allows people to express frustration, their own or that of others.

    There are various ways to shape the storyline; here it goes through the stages of coming to terms with a change. Usually you have ones where the frustration stays at the end. Sometimes Hitler is portrayed as an evil enemy; sometimes he’s just a symbol of Internet frustration, as in this one.

    The point is that the movie scene is well paced for any sort of “subtitles” you wish to provide. (And sometimes, people go to the trouble of making their subtitling sound something like the actual German words, which is funnier.) That’s why there are thousands of these videos, some even using bits of the rest of the movie to prolong the parody.

  12. Ive seen a few of these parodies using that scene and I think that in general it is in poor taste. It trivializes Hitler and what he stood for. Anyone who is interested should watch the actual movie it came from. It’s called Downfall and it is subtitled in English. It was one of the more chilling films I have seen.

    On a side note, I read an article somewhere that most Germans are scandalized by these comic spoofs using that scene. But of course they have a bit more direct knowledge of what Nazi Germany was all about.

  13. I concur with you. Hitler was not funny and if Charlie Chaplin parodied him it was during his life time and the parody had a function: to mock the tyrant and to mock his self-made role of the redeemer of the nation.

    But after his death there can be no fun parodying him. The Hitler-frenzy in the cinema and youtube is a result of the lacking historical knowledge and lacking awareness of true evil among the young generations. They have forgotten all the terrible things which happened only several decades ago, and experienced by their grandparents. Hilter is either for our young people “fascinating” or “funny”. But if they would take time to see some documentary reels of the WWII and Hitler’s evil regime, they will know perhaps what I mean.

  14. Boy, he was upset.

  15. Being married to a Jewish/Catholic I might be horrified by this parody. But I see the rant as what a lot of mature Catholic men and women are feeling right now. Their angst is understandable. I think this is funny because it is absurd that Hitler would be wanting to go to Mass.

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