Love one another: Christians raise money for atheist to have eye surgery

Wow.   An amazing story from Texas.  H/T to Nancy over at What She Said.

Check this out:

Patrick Greene says he has always been “treated like dirt” by Christians because of his atheistic beliefs.

That recently changed, leaving Greene “completely flabbergasted.”It happened when some Henderson County Christians offered Greene financial assistance with a medical problem despite his opposition to a nativity scene on the courthouse square.

Greene is the San Antonio atheist who threatened to sue in an attempt to force Henderson County officials to remove its nativity scene. Greene also filed a complaint with the state against the county judge for not removing a county commissioner for remarks supporting the nativity scene.

Greene dropped consideration of the lawsuit after being told by medical personnel he could at any time go blind in at least one eye from a detached retina. Greene decided he could not pursue a lawsuit blind.

“I knew of his lawsuit and threats and thought how sad it was for him to be so bitter toward Christians,” Jessica Crye, of Athens, said. “I thought he must have never felt the love of God through Christians. I also thought about how scary that must be.” 

Upon hearing about Greene’s plight with his eyes, Ms. Crye spearheaded a movement for a collection to send Greene.

Ms. Crye said she knows most people in Henderson County see the condition of his eyes as a “victory because he is leaving us alone.” 

But Ms. Crye saw the situation differently.

“Why not turn this into something else? This is a great opportunity to turn the other cheek and show God’s love,” she said.

Ms. Crye contacted her pastor, the Rev. Erick Graham, of Sand Springs Baptist Church, and the drive for a collection for Greene gained momentum.

It was announced to the Christian community of Henderson County, and donations came in not just from members of Sand Springs Church but from the community at large, Graham said.

“We didn’t have to think about it or pray about (it). We saw the need,” Graham said. “We don’t discriminate on who we help, whether they are Christians or non-Christians, church members or not. We just help those with a need.”

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  1. What a beautiful story! And, exactly as it should be.

    Unfortunately I’ve read several references today regarding the hatred being spewed out to Dick Cheney. Initially I was surprised, thinking how could anyone be that hateful to a man who has just had a heart transplant, despite ones’ politics.

    But, after more thought, it made perfect sense, as those are the same folks who don’t need God, once again confiming that “but for the grace of God, go I.”

  2. I am thankful for the outreach and the healing. Still, there is the tragedy of people who have been mistreated by self-appointed defenders of the Faith. We should not be surprised when people react to such mistreatment.

  3. Bob Torrey says:

    I am reminded that God works in mysterious ways.

  4. Win Nelson says:

    Yes, He does.

  5. There IS hope for modern Christianity: folks actually behaving like followers of Christ, doing precisely the sort of thing Christ encouraged them to do. Can’t get much more Christian this this.

  6. Indeed.

  7. These good Christians having restored his sight may very well open his eyes.

  8. “Patrick Greene says he has always been “treated like dirt” by Christians because of his atheistic beliefs.”

    May I ask how he has ALWAYS been treated like dirt? Somehow I doubt it. Perception is a powerful thing. Now that the perception has been cleared, may his heart change foir the better.

  9. Richard Johnson says:

    “Somehow I doubt it.”

    And yet, in doing so, are you not lending credence to the claim?

  10. pagansister says:

    Or She perhaps?

  11. LOL. For sure … after all … God is not limited by gender, as we are.

  12. No I’m not. There is no virulent conduct by Chrisitans to treat atheists as dirt. There may be instances, but the adjective “always” says it’s a continuous, frequent thing. Frankly what I see are atheists who mock Christianity at every chance they get. Just look at the books published by atheists and go onto their blogs and read what they say. It’s not a mutual respect. It’s derrision.


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