Move aside, Susan Boyle

Must-see video alert!

The latest sensation from “Britain’s Got Talent.”  It’s 17-year-old Jonathan Antoine and 16-year-old and Charlotte Jocanelli, performing “The Prayer.”

Un.  Real. Or, as Simon Cowell put it:  “Wow.  Wow.  Wow.”  (You’ll need to click thru and watch it on YouTube.  Do.  It’s worth it.)

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  1. Ditto! Wow!

  2. oldestof9 says:

    I miss Luciano.
    This brought him back alive for a minute. Thanks Deacon Greg.

  3. I concur with Simon’s view. She has talent. He is a future star. Not sure I would put them in the same category as Susan Boyle. Different voices. But I was very impressed.

  4. Now if that doesn’t make ya believe in God, nothing ever will. That was more than notes, that was something transcendent. Thanks, Deacon Greg.

  5. and while you are listening to this wonder — catch “only boys allowed” also.

  6. Bravo! Hopefully he’ll get a haircut with his newly acquired fame. Seems like a really good young man.

  7. Simon was correct, but exceedingly cruel to this girl in his presentation. Right now I don’t see this boy having the emotional strength to go it without her. The issue is that her voice lacks the power of his, so when they hit a crescendo together he drowns her out. A good music director could help them craft programming where most of his crescendos are solo until her power more fully develops. She’s only 16.

  8. I concur with your assessment of the duo and Simon Cowell. But he has always been an A– H—. On a side note though this is a very brutal business. Cowell may not be nice, but his words are what a lot of these contestants need to hear. The music industry is extremely cut throat. If you don’t have the talent to make it, and for whatever reason you haven’t figured that out on your own, then someone needs to tell you that. As rough as he can be, most serious talent agents and other big shots in that industry are worse. Seriously. If you can’t take blunt criticism then you need to stay far away from the music and entertainment industry.

    Simon Cowell may be a jerk. But he is performing an important service.

  9. Suburbanbanshee says:

    She’s awfully young, she was clearly nervous, and they had her singing part of the time in a pop style. So it’s difficult to judge how good her voice is.

    Simon’s attempt to create drama by destroying the duo emotionally was uncalled for.

    Both of them are awfully young to be singing heavily, so I hope their voice teacher keeps a close eye on them throughout.

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