How do you like the redesign so far?

We’re tweaking, but let’s drop in on one of our bloggers, who is working with the design team to update her page…

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  1. So far so good. Of course I haven’t really explored it yet. I like the Catholic Channel drop down menu at the top.

  2. The design per se is attractive, but I don’t like the comment access button appearing above the post. I want to read the post first before I decide if the comments are worth accessing and i don’t want to scroll back up to get to the comments if I decide I am interested. A nit pick to be sure.

  3. Deacon Norb says:

    First off: I agree with “sjay.” Having the Comment Button at the top is a real inconvenience.

    The other thing I noticed is that the “Opening-page-stream” seems shorter. What I mean is that it appears that fewer postings by Deacon Greg appear on the “front-page” — maybe even on all pages. Because I do not log-on daily, I often have to go back through several pages of copy before I find the “blog-stream” that held my interest the last time I was able to connect. Perhaps you can increase the number of “Recent Posts” from six to maybe fifteen ?

  4. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    In the earlier version of the blog, I had 15 postings per page; it’s now 10. That amounts to about two days’ worth of posts per page.

    And I agree: the comment button at the top is counter-intuitive.

    Dcn. G.

  5. Mark Greta says:

    I also think the old site had the ability to keep the comments open and go to the previous or next story was excellent and now is no longer available. This means you have to go back to the home, scroll down to the next story, rather than to be able to go there and follow comments. Lot of back and forth that was not needed on old site. I think a lot of people return to see comments made and responses and this change makes this painful.

    Also agree on the comment button at the top being counter-intuitive.

    Like the look and also like the availability to other Catholic sites in Patheos.

  6. ditto.

  7. What do I know of such things? My taste in web-design is reputedly deplorable. But I don’t like the comment button at the top. Nor the new “Express Your Mind” line. That is way, way too generous an invitation and description. Just say, Post Your Comment, and leave it at that! :)

  8. I miss the recent comments button that used to be at the top right hand corner of the website. It would give the complete comment of a person. It made it easier to see the trends of a discussion and reply to a commenter.

  9. Sans serif typefaces in the righthand columns are hard to read. Comments button in located inconveniently at the top of posts instead of at the bottom. Most annoying of all is that every time I open a page, it refuses to scroll down until several seconds have passed.

  10. Katie Angel says:

    I agree wiht sjay and Ed.

  11. Katie Angel says:

    I agree – I liked being able to read a blog and the comments, then move onto the next and do the same thing . It is much more cumbersome and difficult to use now.

  12. pagansister says:

    Must agree with several here-comment button at the top—not an improvement.

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