Quote of the day, on SSPX

“The response, the new response, is rather encouraging. But there are still developments that will be made, and examined, and decisions which should be taken in the next few weeks.”

Fr. Frederico Lombardi, head of Vatican Press Office

More details here.


  1. What is to negotiate? Yet, the Vatican appears to be bending over backwards to allow them something different.

  2. Barbara P says:

    I read on the SSPX website that they believe women are not permitted to sing in a Church choir during a Mass and that wives are required to be be subservient to their husbands. Will the Vatican require SSPX to repudiate these positions or does the Vatican agree that these positions have merit?

  3. midwestlady says:

    What’s to negotiate? Exactly how to set up the structure that would allow them to serve the people who want to go to their chapels once they are regularized in the Church.

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