From SNL: So long, farewell to Kristin Wiig

Further proof that, even after a lot of lousy years when the humor was forced and the laughs were few and the cast was forgettable, SNL can still discover glimmers of gold. A consistent jewel of late: Kristin Wiig. Host Mick Jagger et al bid her farewell Saturday night. It was a nice sendoff. (And before you ask: I was fast asleep when it aired. God bless Hulu.)


  1. While the often get it wrong, when they get it right, they really do! How classy.

  2. I really did not like Kristen Wiig. I think most of her characters were too much alike. They featured her characters in too many skits. I am not sad to see her go.
    I guess I am just getting too old. The humor on SNL hasn’t appealed to me for the past several years now. Every once in a while there’s a gem, but not too often.

  3. Jagger was awesome last night on the show. He’s a natural comic and his musical performances were great, both with Foo Fighters and with Jeff Beck.

  4. Catherine says:

    I too slept through that, so thank you for posting it! Gosh, if Michele Bachmann gets the Republican VP nomination, they’ll have to bring Kristin back! (Yes, that was a joke. At least I hope it was…)

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