In 2012, everything is a big production

Did we even have normal lives before YouTube and Vimeo?

We’ve had wedding processions go viral, and “Thriller” dances at weddings become worldwide phenomena.   Sometimes, entire cities have gotten into the act.

Now another entry in the “Can you top this for sheer video exhibitionism?” sweepstakes: a marriage proposal that includes everything—tossed flower petals, dancing Jews, a same-sex kiss, a marching band, and over 60 friends and family members willing to stage something outrageously over-the-top for online posterity.

Some will love it.  Some will hate it.  (Me, I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.) But decades hence, it will stand—along with all those other examples above—as a video snapshot of our times.

In 2012, it seems, you haven’t really done anything until you’ve done it with dozens of other goofy people, set it to music, and uploaded it to the Internet.


  1. My absolute favorite moment is the proposal itself, with all those jazz hands as a backdrop. That, and incorporating the misheard “Is it the dancing juice?” line, already an Internet meme, into the choreography. I wish Isaac and his Sweet Pea mazel tov!

  2. As someone who has pretty much seriously disliked (dare I say, hated?) every dopey wedding procession and reception video that has come along – and yes, I know you are a sucker for them, this one… *I LOVED!*

    I have avoided watching this as it makes its way around FB and blogs, so glad that I stopped here to watch it today. Thanks.

    And as my friend Joanne says, Mazel Tov to them!

  3. IntoTheWest says:

    I don’t usually like these kinds of things, mostly because they’re done at ballparks and such and end up putting the poor girl on the spot, but this seems to be done with genuine love from people who are already surrounding this couple with their love and encouragment, so it ends up being awesome. :)

  4. its better than any Glee episode.

  5. Luis GARCÍA LAURENT says:

    We must do more to encourage popular music with sacred (or at least acceptable) themes. I am catholic and recently participated in a wedding Mas in which prayers were sung to gospel music. The prayers were liturgically correct, but the older people complained about music, however standing behind the altar y could see the people moving to the music’s rhythm, the younger guests singing and partipating. A big difference high Mas on Sundays at my Parrish …

  6. So glad they threw in the gay stuff. They’re so hip.

  7. Midwestlady says:

    I didn’t watch it long enough to see the gay stuff. I don’t need to. Weird. I wonder how long they’ll be married.

  8. It must be very sad in there in that bitter little judgment box.

  9. Quite possibly the gay couple are friends or relatives, as everyone else is.

  10. ampy guzzetti says:

    it started out nice but the gay scene is not proper for a catholic website. it is sad that people are trying to normalize something that is an abomination.

  11. That’s fine but promoting it on a Catholic site? Not so much.

  12. I agree.

  13. I read as far as “same sex kiss” and went to the comments. Just unsubscribed to New Advent website and will tell the many friends and family that I have recommended the website to over the years, that it is no longer appropriate for Catholics as I don’t believe promoting homosexual behavior is appropriate for Catholics. This is a sad day.

  14. Irish Spectre says:

    Yawn…yet another perpetually adolescent narcissist w/ a camera and some web savvy.

    Other than that, when they viewed the production the first time, my money says that at least half of the participants were VERY sorry that they didn’t obey their instinct to sign up to a Jenny Craig membership a couple or three months before the shooting!

  15. Happy Pentecost – where many voices come into One. Oh wait, that’s not what happened here. How sad.

  16. Dear Irish Spectre,

    I understand your disinterest, but is this comment necessary? Eph. 4:29 says “Let no evil talk come out of your mouth, but only such as is good for edifying, that it may impart grace to those who hear.” The whole purpose of your comment was to call them self-centered, fat, and immature. Clearly this was a joyful occasion for them both, do we really need to be cynical about it? I mean no ill will. Just something to think about. Thanks and God bless.

  17. So, Deacon, by endorsing a video with a same-sex kiss, are you or are not undermining Church teaching?

  18. Delightful! I enjoyed that so much!

    “American Pie” in Grand Rapids? This took me back so many years (1967? 1968?) to the start of my business career when I remember hearing the song on the car radio on a business trip from RI to NC. Loved it then, loved it now!

    Same-sex kiss? You know what? Two men, two women love each other and want to commit themselves to a life-long union? I think that’s wonderful!

  19. Wonderful….

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