In 2012, everything is a big production

Did we even have normal lives before YouTube and Vimeo?

We’ve had wedding processions go viral, and “Thriller” dances at weddings become worldwide phenomena.   Sometimes, entire cities have gotten into the act.

Now another entry in the “Can you top this for sheer video exhibitionism?” sweepstakes: a marriage proposal that includes everything—tossed flower petals, dancing Jews, a same-sex kiss, a marching band, and over 60 friends and family members willing to stage something outrageously over-the-top for online posterity.

Some will love it.  Some will hate it.  (Me, I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.) But decades hence, it will stand—along with all those other examples above—as a video snapshot of our times.

In 2012, it seems, you haven’t really done anything until you’ve done it with dozens of other goofy people, set it to music, and uploaded it to the Internet.

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