Just when you think you can’t take another “flash mob,” along comes something wonderful

Surely, the classiest and most elegant flash mob ever.  A thing of surprising joy and wonder, too.

This happened on a train in Copenhagen. And I just loved it.  I think you will, too.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Win Nelson

    I loved it and showed it to my sister and she did, too! Thank you, Deacon Greg!

  • Robyn


  • http://www.azoic.com/ Irenaeus of New York

    Fear not, we can take it! I will never get tired of these kinds of videos :)

  • Regina Faighes

    That was sublime! Thank you so much for sharing this Deacon Greg. It made my day! :-)

  • janet

    I agree it is the “classiest”. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.patheos.com Amy

    I recognized it immediately from “Soylent Green.” Beautiful! Classical music is, well, classy!

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    Thank you Amy for identifying it. It was a lovely piece. Somehow I doubt that would happen on the New York City subway. ;)

  • Shamrock

    Beautiful! And Manny, have faith! It could happen in NYC…someone(s) just need to make
    it happen!

  • Notgiven

    Gave me goosebumps! Wonderful! On top of that they have the best ice cream in Copenhagen! Nice people, too. Nice little church with a spiral steeple you can climb to the top of…on the outside of the steeple! Ah, memories!

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    LOL, I guess it could. :D

  • Joyous in Jesus Christ

    This made me smile from ear to ear. All beauty points to God. Glory to Jesus Christ.

  • Regina Faighes

    Manny: In case you want to listen to this on your iPod while you are riding the subway, it is “Peer Gynt” Suite No.1, Op. 46, “Morning,” by the Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg. :-)

  • http://none Elizabeth Braun

    Thank you for sharing, it was wonderful.

  • Tony de New York


  • http://www.evangelizationstation.com Victor R. Claveau, MJ

    Music has the power to unite and break down barriers of hate, prejudice, and violence. This is a wonderful reminder that there is still hope for the world.

  • http://te-deum.blogspot.com Diane K


  • Linus


  • http://sstewartg@gmail.com Susan

    Isn’t it AMAZING what Beauty does to the soul? Did you see anybody NOT smiling?
    God’s presence shows up everywhere!
    Thank you for posting this for the world to see!

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    Ah, I’ve heard that, actually heard it performed live at the Philharmonic a couple of years ago. No wonder it sounded familiar. Thank you.

  • http://onebread.blogspot.com Jeff Tan

    Thanks, Deacon Greg! That was beautiful!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/klfleckenstein/ fleckenstein LOUISA

    the train CITY PASS in JERUSALEM pass every 10 minutes in front of our home .
    The dream is to have this harmony the music in our train City Pass where Jews,Christian and muslim inside the train.
    Jerusalem with the music will hear will see through the music that we are all HUMAN and we have One Father.

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  • http://comcast. angie

    Great, I have heard music on the N.Y. subways but not like this. More of a rock kind, they did go from car to car. Enjoyable.

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