The Prayer of Blessing for a Child in the Womb

From the rite just published by the USCCB. Read it all here.

[For the unborn child]:
God, author of all life,bless, we pray, this unborn child; give constant protection and grant a healthy birth that is the sign of our rebirth one day into the eternal rejoicing of heaven.

[For the mother]:
Lord, who have brought to this woman the wondrous joy of motherhood, grant her comfort in all anxiety and make her determined to lead her child along the ways of salvation.

[For the father]:
Lord of the ages,who have singled out this man to know the grace and pride of fatherhood, grant him courage in this new responsibility, and make him an example of justice and truth for this child.

[For the family]:
Lord, endow this family with sincere and enduring love as they prepare to welcome this child into their midst.

Lord, you have put into the hearts of all men and women of good will a great awe and wonder at the gift of new life; fill this (parish) community with faithfulness to the teachings of the Gospel and new resolve to share in the spiritual formation of this child in Christ our Savior, who lives and reigns for ever and ever.



  1. Regina Faighes says:


  2. Midwestlady says:

    I don’t know whose idea this was, but it was a stroke of brilliance. I see there is a Spanish version also. Very good.

  3. My wife and I are expecting we will have to ask our priest about this. Very neat stuff. Over on Byzantine Texas blog I saw the Orthodox also have rolled out a similar blessing for babies in the womb.

  4. Am I the only one who likes the old formula better? I particularly like the references to John the Baptist leaping in his mother’s womb:

    Lord God, Creator of all things, mighty and awesome, just and forgiving, you alone are good and kind. You saved Israel from all manner of plagues, making our forefathers your chosen people, and hallowing them by the touch of your Spirit. You, by the co- operation of the Holy Spirit, prepared the body and soul of the glorious Virgin Mary to be a worthy dwelling for your Son. You filled John the Baptist with the Holy Spirit, causing him to leap with joy in his mother’s womb. Accept the offering of a humble spirit, and grant the heartfelt desire of your servant, N. who pleads for the safety of the child you allowed her to conceive. Guard the life that is yours; defend it from all the craft and spite of the pitiless foe. Let your gentle hand, like that of a skilled physician, aid her delivery, bringing her offspring safe and sound to the light of day. May her child live to be reborn in holy baptism, and continuing always in your service, be found worthy of attaining everlasting life; through Christ our Lord.

  5. Deacon Steve says:

    D’Arcy I believe that is the blessing for expectant mothers before they give birth. This new prayer is for the Child in the Womb specifically. They have different focuses. Both prayers can be used at different points of the pregnancy. This new prayer does not replace the blessing you posted.


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