When Jacob met Tyler: making beautiful music together

From the YouTube description:

Our eight-year-old blind-autistic son Jacob enjoying some fine acoustic guitar by a musician in downtown Lawrence, Kansas on May 13, 2012. Tyler … Thank you so much for letting Jacob feel the music!

“Tyler” is bluegrass musician Tyler Gregory. Take two minutes and watch something charming and inexpressably sweet.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Oregon Catholic says:

    Thanks for posting that. I was amazed at the way the Jacob went from brushing Tyler’s leg accidentally and pulling away to a tentative touch to almost stroking his leg at the end. I think it was a special emotional/physical connection that I bet Jacob doesn’t experience with another human very often. Wouldn’t surprise me if music will be Jacob’s path out of himself.

  2. Bill McGeveran says:

    I was interested in the way the mother tried to support the child, enable him to have this experience, and enjoy the fact that he was able to enjoy it. She also had to stick her neck out. We sometimes may forget how difficult it must be to be a a great parent day by day to an autistic child.

  3. Thanks for posting! I hope Jacob has other opportunties to experience such moments. His mom did a great job.

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