BREAKING: SSPX head meets with CDF officials — UPDATED

Catholic News Service‘s Carol Glatz says:

Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X, arrived at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at 5 p.m. this evening for a meeting with U.S. Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the doctrinal congregation.

News reports earlier said Cardinal Levada would relay to Bishop Fellay Pope Benedict XVI’s response to his latest suggestions regarding a “doctrinal preamble” the Vatican wants him to sign in order to reconcile the SSPX with the rest of the church.

Bishop Fellay pulled up to the “Holy Office,” as the building housing the congregation is known, in a red, four-door Peugeot 260 with French license plates. There were two other people in the car with him. A French colleague asked Bishop Fellay if, after the meeting, he would speak to the handful of journalists gathered outside. The bishop responded, “We’ll see.”

A subsequent tweet from CNS noted that the meeting lasted two and a half hours, and that Bishop Fellay departed “in another direction” to avoid the press.

There is also some background and context here.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Vatican proposes Personal Prelature for SSPX

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