Jenny McCarthy’s “Bad Habits”

This little piece of publishing news first made headlines last fall, when literary lioness Jenny McCarthy announced she was taking pen to parchment to write a memoir called “Sinner”:

McCarthy said of the new book: “Most young girls in my neighborhood played with Cabbage Patch dolls for fun. I played with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph dolls. I had every intention of becoming a nun someday. But hilarious events that unfolded in my upbringing made me question my future occupation and the contradictions I faced at home and at one of the most prestigious all-girl Catholic schools on the South Side of Chicago. This book tells the story of what went wrong, or, as I would put it now, what went right. Or as Hugh Hefner eventually put it, Playmate of the Year.”

“Sinner,” alas, was also the name of Lino Rulli’s story of his life.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, acclaimed journalist Perez Hilton has the scoop of the year: the book’s new title and cover, below.  It will be hitting bookstores in October.

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