Hollywood developing movie about Catholic Church sex abuse scandal


Variety reports that Win Win director Tom McCarthy is directing an untitled drama about the reporters at the Boston Globe who uncovered the original conspiracy to keep these deeds quiet. Not exactly lighthearted material to help close out the week, but since it’s the “story behind the story” that’s being put in the spotlight here, it should be more interesting than just another damning exposé.  

The story will follow Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer, Matt Carroll, Walter “Robby” Robinson, Ben Bradlee Jr. and Marty Baron, the team of reporters at the Boston Globe who investigated thousands of pages of documents and conducted a myriad of interviews in the New England area to expose a scandal that rocked the Catholic Church. McCarthy has been working on this project in secret for over a year because of the “sensitivity of the subject matter,” and the tone of the screenplay by “The West Wing” writer Josh Singer is said to be similar to the classic Hoffman/Redford journalism film All the President’s Men.

Read more.  I have to wonder: will they call it “All the Cardinal’s Priests”?

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