Wow: “Toy Story” remade, shot by shot, with live actors

These guys clearly had too much time on their hands.

The Facebook page for this notes:

The Live Action Pixar Toy Story movie, shot-for-shot, with real people and real toys. “TS Project” started production in late June 2010 by Jonason Pauley, (then 17), and Jesse Perrotta (18).

The Daily Mail actually talked to this dynamic duo, who used the soundtrack and voices from the Pixar classic for their finished product:

Mr Pauley said that the two years he and Mr Perrotta spent on their project was a labor of love. 

‘It was just something fun to do,’ he said, adding that the two worked on the movie in their free time. ‘We started by filming on the weekends, all day on Saturdays. Eventually it ended up being, we have to finish because we’re using this person’s time or space.’

‘Toy Story,’ he added, was his favorite film as a child (and still is). Prior to the project, he had already watched the film ‘hundreds of times.’

The actors, Mr Pauley said, were mostly friends or acquaintances from church. ‘Andy and Sit are brothers to each other, friends of mine from my old church,’ he said. ‘They fit the part closely enough, and they were always anxious to be in one of my films.’

The full-length film was shot on a consumer camcorder, using an amalgamation of green screens, stop-motion animation, and good old-fashioned puppetry.

While the duo never got explicit permission to be able to use Pixar’s material, Mr Pauley said that he and Mr Perrotta had tweeted at top-Pixar executives several times before publishing their work to YouTube, and had never gotten an explicit ‘no.’

‘They said just do it,’ he said. ‘If they’re okay with it, that’s cool.’

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