Yes, it’s still Christmas

The lights are still ablaze in Princeton, New Jersey, where I stepped into St. Paul’s Church Thursday night and encountered the glorious scene above. The church was just lovely.

Thanks to Msgr. Joseph Rosie, Deacon Jim Knipper and the wonderful folks at St. Paul’s for their hospitality and warm welcome in support of “Hungry and You Fed Me.” There was an excellent turnout for the local book signing.  I know the charities benefiting from this project — who were present for the event — were thrilled.

Below, a few of the “homilists for the homeless” who contributed to the book.  From the left: artist Mickey McGrath; Msgr. Michael Doyle; Deacon Jim Knipper; Your Humble Blogger; Rev. Dr. David A. Davis; and Msgr. Walter Nolan.

And for those who are wondering: the liturgical season of Christmas officially ends this Sunday, with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

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