Pope Benedict’s farewell to be broadcast live

Details, from Zenit: 

On the last day of his pontificate, Benedict XVI will be filmed live by television cameras during his final hours in the Vatican, according to Monsignor Edoardo María Viganó, director of the Vatican Television Center (VTC), who explained that the Pontiff’s departure to Castel Gandolfo by helicopter “will be a historic moment.”

Italian Radio and Television (RAI) is also planning to broadcast the images of those final moments to all continents. The VTC will use 26 television cameras to follow the event, as well as the conclave and the future pope.

“We are planning to report on these moments respecting the Pope’s person and informing the faithful who wish to support Benedict XVI at such an important moment.” Therefore, television cameras will be in the Apostolic Palace and will follow him until 5:00 pm when the Pontiff will board the helicopter that will take him to Castel Gandolfo. His resignation will come into force three hours later, initiating the period of the Vacant See.

To what point will the television cameras be able to film the Holy Father without invading his privacy? In statements to ANSA news agency, <onsignor Viganó said that the “details have not been defined,” although he hopes that the event will be covered as much as possible.

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