Planned Parenthood lobbyist who favors infanticide served on board of Catholic Charities

Creative Minority Report got the scoop: 

Alisa Lapolt Snow, the Planned Parenthood lobbyist, who shocked the nation with her defense of live birth abortions in front of a Florida House committee, served on the board of Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida.

Here’s what her bio on her website said:

Alisa is a graduate of the University of Tennessee where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications/journalism. She was a founding member and secretary of the Sunset Rotary Club of Tallahassee and serves on the board of Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida-Tallahassee. She is a member of the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists.

Because I don’t take the word of people from Planned Parenthood on anything, I checked the website and she was not listed on their board of directors.

So I called the Catholic Charities office and they told me that Lapolt-Snow did indeed serve on the board until leaving in January. She didn’t explain further.

Incredible?  Just a little.


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