It’s an iPhone Case! It’s a Bottle Opener! It’s an iPhone Case AND a Bottle Opener!

What a piece of work is man,” wrote Shakespeare. And here’s why.

You might be amazed at some of the ingenious ways people have found to incorporate the iPhone case into daily life—making the ubiquitous smartphone even smarter and more useful!

From CNET: 

Apple’s iPhone introduced a whole new category of technology and unlocked an endless stream of applications that put a computer right into our pockets. Today there are apps for banking, sharing, dating, and gaming. Sometimes though, we need something a little more — well — tactile.

These cases take utility to the next level, building additional tools into your iPhone. Some of them are for defense, while others are for drinking or watching movies. And some are just plain odd.

Check out some of the options. The beer bottle opener is an instant classic.  The iKnuckle—a kind of brass knuckles to defend yourself and your phone—is a close second.