Must-See Video: A Day in the Life of a Priest

A happy h/t to my blog neighbor Rebecca Hamilton, who posted this a few days ago.  It’s a great glimpse inside a life many Catholics never see.  Check it out. And share it with a priest you know — or, maybe, someone who is discerning a vocation.

As ‘Becca notes:

This entertaining video shows one day in the life of Father John Muir. Unlike the priests I know, he doesn’t live alone in the rectory and he isn’t assigned to a neighborhood parish. He is a priest in the Diocese of Phoenix and is currently the assistant director of the Newman Center at ASU. A lot of the things he does, such as praying a morning prayer with the priest he lives with, are things we could do at home with our families. If you live alone, you could use an iPad or other electronic version for company, if you want. I pray parts of the Daily Office, in particular the night prayers, this way. One thing Father Muir says: I figure if God wanted me to be a priest, God wanted me to be a priest. That’s a good way to look at Christian life for any of us.

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