Priests and Deacons: Try This in the Pulpit Sunday and Let Me Know What Happens

This is a minister by the name of Jim Standridge preaching at Immanuel Baptist Church in  Skiatook, OK.


During the sermon, preacher Jim Standridge, 76, of the Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook, Okla., begins by calling out a congregant for falling asleep.

Shortly afterward, he singles out another man nearby, asking him, “Where have you been?” and following up by saying, “You’re one of the sorriest church members I have! You’re not worth 15 cents.” Standridge then abruptly changes his tone: He tells the man to stand up, says he loves him and gives him a hug.

Still, the man appears not to have been comforted by the hug. In a comment on Facebook, although he calls Standridge “a good man,” he adds that “things were not done right that morning” and that he was “shocked and hurt” by his preacher’s comments.

As the sermon continues, the video shows Standridge calling out other churchgoers. He appears to become the most worked up over the man operating the church camera. “If you loved me and submitted to me,” Standridge thunders, “you wouldn’t go about establishing your own kingdom in the video room!”

“I’m a man of order, and we owe no one an answer for that,” Standridge said on the phone Monday when reached for comment by The Huffington Post. “What concern is it of me what a carnal world thinks of this?”

Standridge, who said he has been preaching for 50 years (24 of which have been at the Immanuel Baptist Church, where the video was filmed), added that he disciplines members of his church the way parents discipline a child. He said his church “applauds him” and that his congregants “love and esteem” him. Nevertheless, he said he finds it the “biggest joke of the century that this video is going viral.”

See the results for yourself below.

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