Snow day in Queens

It’s not the snow that’s so bad. It’s the cold—with wind chill, hovering in the single digits.

One benefit: the snow covers the piles of garbage waiting to be collected at the curb.

Personally, I’m grateful for the free day. On my to-do list: I have an annulment report to write, a homily to finish, and a host of writing and speaking commitments with rapidly approaching deadlines. Oh, and there’s that chant to learn, too.

I also need to touch base with a parishioner about a house blessing she wanted me to do tomorrow. Something tells me that may be postponed.

Meantime, I look out my office window and see that the few birds who were foolish enough to stay up here for the winter are going nuts—flying, chirping, dive-bombing each other, trying to create some warmth, any warmth, by just moving around.

I think I’ll have another cup of coffee.

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