BREAKING: 16-year-old boy arrested in slaying of Nathan Trapuzzano—UPDATED


Police have arrested a 16-year-old in connection with last week’s murder of 24-year-old father-to-be Nathan Trapuzzano.

Simeon Adams, 16, Indianapolis, is being held at the Juvenile Center, according to a release from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

He is recovering from a gunshot wound he received during an incident on April 1 at 1141 W. 35th St.

Adams also is a suspect in an aggravated assault March 30 in the 2900 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Street.

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UPDATE: The Daily Mail has additional details: 

Nathan’s heartbroken and heavily pregnant widow posted a message on Facebook at the news of the arrest. She said: ‘The police have reported the suspect of my husband’s murder was only 16. Oh how my already wounded heart aches to hear this.

‘Nate always said one of the greatest crimes in the world today is how many babies grow up without their father. I don’t know this man’s circumstances but it hurts to hear that such a young man could turn to such violence. Please pray for his conversion.’..

…Despite locals initially stating that they thought Nathan’s killing was a gang initiation, police now believe it to be an attempted robbery.

Officials announced Tuesday afternoon that Adams, who lives with his aunt, uncle and cousins, will be tried as an adult over the killing.

Indianapolis police said Adams’ clothes match up with the clothing the shooter was wearing in video footage from the night of the murder.

An acquaintance of Adams told detectives that he believes the alleged killer stole the gun during a raid on a firearms store in Clermont, Indiana.

Detectives believe they have a preliminary match with the gun used to kill Nathan and that used to shoot Douglas. According to court papers Douglas picked out Adams, who has previously been arrested for handgun violations, marijuana possession, theft, auto theft, burglary and resisting arrest, as his assailant from mugshots.

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