U.S. Ambassador to Holy See steps down

Anybody else find the timing of this interesting? Details, from National Catholic Register: The United States Ambassador to the Holy See made a farewell visit to Pope Benedict XVI today. Ambassador Miguel Diaz is leaving his position after just over three years’ service representing the Obama administration. An embassy spokesman said he would probably be [Read More...]

“We must rediscover the human dimension of our communication…”

Food for thought on a Monday morning, from Archbishop Claudio Celli, via CNS: [Read more...]

A prayer before voting

From the great Concord Pastor, Fr. Austin Fleming: The election is tomorrow, Lord, and I was wondering: if you were a candidate – would you be elected? I know if you were running for office, Lord, you’d campaign with open and transparent honesty: no need for fact-checking your statements and press releases! Your campaign promises [Read More...]

Britain discovers Catholic social teaching

Europe’s hard times are leading more people to take a closer look at Catholic social thought. From the BBC: A new zeitgeist is capturing business people, academics and political players from both the Left and Right, looking for an ethical alternative for our time. Their inspiration? Catholic teaching. In many ways these are difficult times [Read More...]

“After Good Friday, there’s Easter Sunday…”

The words of newly ordained Fr. Sean Suckiel sum up the hope and aspirations of the hard hit people of Breezy Point, Queens, still reeling from the effects of Sandy. This afternoon, Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio celebrated Mass for the community in a church without lights or heat.  Details: Nearly a week after seawater surged [Read More...]

Ordination update: 9 new deacons in Boise

The bishop himself made the announcement on the diocesan website: Dear Friends, On Oct. 27, nine men from across the diocese were ordained as permanent deacons:  Robert Barros-Bailey, Don Blythe, John Carpenter, Ray Daigh, David McCarthy, Terry Nelson, Jim Pasker, Jeff Powers and Tom Turpin. Because he receives the sacrament of Holy Orders, the deacon [Read More...]

Brave new world: making babies to make ends meet

From the New York Times comes this sad saga of young women effectively selling their wombs to support themselves: I’ve seen neighbors come and go, and I hope C stays forever. She was married at 16 years old, and she had two daughters before her husband was murdered. She married again, had three more children, [Read More...]

“Love of God and love of neighbor are inseparable…”

“From God we learn to want only the good and never the bad. We learn to look at each other not only with our eyes, but with the eyes of God, which is the gaze of Jesus Christ. A gaze that starts from the heart and does not stop at the surface, that goes beyond [Read More...]

Egypt’s Copts elect a new pope

From Reuters: Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox church chose a new pope, Bishop Tawadros, in a sumptuous service on Sunday that Christians hope will lead them through an Islamist-dominated landscape and protect what is the Middle East’s biggest Christian community. Many Christians in Egypt, who make up about a tenth of the population of 83 million, are [Read More...]

After Sandy: ways to help

A few readers have written from different corners of the country, wondering where and how they can give to help those devastated by last week’s storm. The best resource to help those in Brooklyn and Queens is Catholic Charities.  Visit their website — ccbq.org – and you’ll find a wealth of information and links: While [Read More...]