Obama wins with the Catholic vote —UPDATED

Details, from Catholic News Agency: The Catholic vote was divided much as was the rest of the nation’s voters, leaning slightly in favor of Obama. A final Gallup poll, reflecting tracking from Nov. 1 to 4, showed Catholics favoring Obama by 52 to 45 percent. “The Catholic vote, like any number of votes, does have [Read More...]

Must-read: What kind of man wants to be a priest today?

Yesterday, I posted on the peculiar way that Fr. Michael Pfleger marked Holy Thursday a couple years ago. Well, the person who stumbled on that video was Boston Magazine Executive Editor Patrick Doyle, who spent months seeking to answer a question that has haunted the American Church for the last decade: who would possibly want [Read More...]

Ah, Dan

Has it really been eight years? In 2004, I was one of the writers for what turned out to be Dan Rather’s last election night. I remember sitting at my computer console during a break and becoming aware that someone had pulled up a folding chair and was sitting just behind me. I glanced over [Read More...]

Pulling the lever, praying the psalms

More wisdom for this particular moment from my blog neighbor Elizabeth Scalia, who opines at First Things:   When I cast my vote today, I will do so while pondering ten years worth of praying the Divine Office and those psalms that so perfectly reflect the human condition. As we read them, pray them, we [Read More...]

A great reminder from Blessed John Henry Newman for election day…

“He has not made us for nought; He has brought us thus far, in order to bring us further, in order to bring us on to the end. He will never leave us nor forsake us; so that we may boldly say, ‘The Lord is my Helper; I will not fear what flesh can do [Read More...]

Colorado voters find a surprise at one polling place: thousands of crosses protesting abortion

Details:  Boulder County voters whose polling place is Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church on South Boulder Road can expect to walk past an anti-abortion display — including thousands of crosses representing aborted fetuses — when they go to cast their ballots Tuesday. County election officials said the display does not appear to violate any [Read More...]

Disappearing breed: “bad Catholics”

Australia’s Cardinal George Pell observes: Some decades ago when I was a priest in the country I blessed many marriages and generally attended the wedding reception. As a priest my presence was acknowledged and welcomed.  I tried to ensure the telegrams and speeches were not too crude; efforts that met with mixed success. Regularly when [Read More...]

Looking for something else to talk about besides the election? Check this out

This video shows how Rev. Michael Pfleger —yes, that one—completely re-wrote the Eucharistic Prayer during a performance (yes, performance) of the Mass on Holy Thursday two years ago. It’s used in seminaries as an example of what NOT to do with the Mass. Writer Patrick Doyle notes: This past spring, while reporting “Resurrection,” my story [Read More...]

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but …

… Peggy Noonan senses something happening. Details: Among the wisest words spoken this cycle were by John Dickerson of CBS News and Slate, who said, in a conversation the night before the last presidential debate, that he thought maybe the American people were quietly cooking something up, something we don’t know about. I think they [Read More...]

“I didn’t leave the Democrats. They left me.”

An interesting take on tomorrow, from Sheldon Adelson in the Wall Street Journal:  When members of the Democratic Party booed the inclusion of God and Jerusalem in their party platform this year, I thought of my parents. They would have been astounded. The immigrant family in which I grew up was, in the matter of [Read More...]