Pain of a Kashmiri Pandit…

Rahul Pandita is one of my favorite writers on the web! I love his sensitive writing style... here is a poem from him that captures his family's pain of having left Kashmir and the notalgia that still prevails.For a man who no longer has a homeland, writing becomes a place to live: Theodor AdornoTwo days ago I sawMy land like a touristOn the Discovery channelMy father shouted andTold my niece:Look that is the Dal lakeWhere lotus stems come fromIn his shikaraGulla carriedBunches of … [Read more...]

Men will be men!!

Men will always be men!! This was a funny looking pic I saw that I thought twice about posting it here.. but it was so hillarious that I couldnt stop myself! … [Read more...]

Secessionist Movements in the Indian Sub Continent: Is Balochistan another Bangladesh?

Balochistan is on fire. Because Musharraf's Army killed Bugti - the Baloch leader - and his closest men. Is this the beginning of secession of Balochistan? I think so. Is it going towards the Bangladesh direction? Maybe. Should India help the Balochs? Heck yes! Why? Because really speaking I am sick and tired of Pakistan's many games. There are only so many ways to deal with it. One of the best way, that a pacifist friend of mine once articulated was - just break them into smaller countries so … [Read more...]

Cities of India

This is a funny characterisation of the people in Indian cities:How to Identify cities in IndiaScenario 1 Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along, then a fourth and They start arguing about who's right.You are in KolkataScenario 2 Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on.That's MumbaiScenario 3 Two guys are fighting and a third guy comes along & tries to make peace.The first two get together & beat him up.That's DelhiScenario … [Read more...]

Rain in S. Miguel II: Flickr Pic of the Day

Rain in S. Miguel II Originally uploaded by PauloSantos.Its raining and the landscape is beautiful... green and lusciously so! The slopes blend in each other as if in an eternal peaceful and love-ful embrace of lovers!The distant water merges into the green lovers as their extension.. darkness is falling while sun doesnt want to let go .... its a tussle... that creates the mood of love and conflict!Love and Rain.. Rain and Love... the lovers rejoice! … [Read more...]

Sikhs in Sports

Interesting article on the Sikhs in sports - motivated by the rise of Monty Panesar. The writer, Frank Keating, starts with Bishen Bedi - one of the best all time spinners in cricket!Bishen Singh Bedi was the very same age, and I savour the thrill of enchantment at my very first sight of him twirling his softly supple southpaw slows alongside the gasometers that midsummer of 1971. The preening choc-caps of Surrey were on their way to another county championship but that day, against the Indian … [Read more...]

The Arms Link for the Dawood Company

Here is an important and interesting news article where the arms links for Dawood and his cronies is laid out!An alliance between a former KGB officer-turned-arms smuggler and one of Dawood Ibrahim’s top lieutenants has given Indian sleuths a vital clue to link Mumbai’s organised crime with international terrorism.The missing link is Abdul Qayyum Shaikh – the Azamgarh-born arms baron — who was like a “brother” to Anis Ibrahim, Dawood’s brother. Shaikh was the man, who “apparently” gave actor … [Read more...]

Flickr Pic of the Day

Houston-India-fest-dance Originally uploaded by Drishtikone.This was a ppicture I took at the India Fest last year in Houston. This dancer looked striking in the background that was put up!The fest involved a weekend show of different things - dances, stalls, food and crafts of India in the heart of Houston Downtown. Great picture taking time! … [Read more...]