Kolkatta Couple Lose their kids to Norwegian “Liberalism”

Anurup playing with his kid
Scandinavian countries are known to be liberal societies. Well “liberal” is a relative word.

In Indian homes you cannot have a meal without eating with your hands. And it is very common for the kids to also sleep with their parents. A Kolkatta couple – Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya – living in Norway, were just doing the usual. Or so they thought.

Norway’s child protective services came one day and took the kids away from the parents and placed them in foster homes. Why? Because “the couple were not bringing the children up properly”.

Cultures in the West which pride in their Universalism do so with a certain degree of falsehood. The Universalism is qualified. As Rajiv Malhotra, author of the book “Being Different” says about such incidents and acts being..

“…illustrative of Western Universalism being not universal but particular to their region and history.”

The couple is now stuck. Their visas will expire but how can they leave their kids behind in a country where people have no idea… above all, no sensitivity on how to raise kids from an Indian family?!

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