Ironically, Adam Lanza lived on “Yogananda Street”!

Paramahansa Yogananda once said: “Anger gives birth to jealousy, hatred, spite, revengefulness, destructive instinct, wild ideas, brain paralysis, and temporary insanity – any of which may lead to terrible crimes.”

Ironically, Adam Lanza, the infamous shooter of the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School, lived at 36, Yogananda Street.

I am not from the area, but it seems that there at least was – at some point, if not today – a Vedanta and Yoga retreat on Berkshire road, just a mile from Lanzas house.  (Link)

Students of Vedanta society decided to establish a retreat site for students of Vedanta. Accordingly a plot of 370 acres was bought in the Berkshire Connecticut. The Berkshire Retreat was duly inaugurated by Swami Abhedananda in March 1907, and he remarked, “The Ashrama looks like Fairyland.”

Unfortunately, Nancy Lanza, the mother who took off from her job to stay at home and care for Adam, instead of inculcating a meditative and caring spirit in him, introduced him to the world of guns and violence in her own way.


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  • Mahendra Singh

    “Unfortunately, Nancy Lanza, the mother who took off from her job to stay at home and care for Adam, instead of inculcating a meditative and caring spirit in him, introduced him to the world of guns and violence in her own way.”

    totally nonsense, it is quite similar to saying “instead of buying a monthly pass for public transport, this mother bought a car for her son to commute, that he used for killing some people on the road, and died himself because he was driving drunken” ….

    so here the problem is not car, but drunken driving. Guns are also sports gadgets, so many people use them for the sake of sports, when it comes to hurting one easily fatally hurt someone only by baseball bat…does it mean that introducing your kid to baseball game is equal to introducing them to violence?

    • admin

      Mahendra – if you teach your kid how to hit targets with a baseball bat, then yes. Nancy Lanza took Adam Lanza to the woods to teach him “target practice” with the assault rifles and guns. I am not sure about you, but its kinda tough not to expect the kid to get some acquaintance with violence? Of course, she could have had some poor Indians/African lined up for target practice if only killing human beings is violence for you.. eh?

      • admin

        Moreover, baseball bats are used for …. well.. playing baseball. They are ALSO used for violence. Assault Rifles on the other hand, are … well.. used for ASSAULT. They can also be used as a Flower vase.. maybe?

  • Mahendra Singh

    “Assault Rifles on the other hand, are … well.. used for ASSAULT.”

    Then I am afraid you are not aware of the sports side of the guns. There are lot of, literally lot of people who use assault rifles for sports. There are professional shooting ranges, professional organizations, Olympic level sports event all over the world, probably more than baseball players (as baseball is played only in United States)… really need to get your facts right about various sports…. before making a statement. Almost every country in the world has National Rifle Associations, and shootings is a major sports world over….

  • Mahendra Singh

    I find it really amusing to read your comments full of ignorance of the facts…

    Are you aware that 93 people are killed on the roadways of the U.S. each day, 3 times more than the number of people that die from gun violence…

    are you going to suggest that all these 93 people should have not used cars, and sit home do yoga and meditation instead?

  • admin

    Ok, how much money is NRA paying you? LOL..

    The basic difference between a death by car accident and shooting of 20 kids is that in the latter someone WANTED to kill.

    If numbers was the only concern, then maybe we would dry out the oceans, because far more people may die from drowning.

    I am not sure what the heck you are smoking so early in the morning.. but it must be something rather specially retarded.

    Gather your wits when you are sober and we will discuss.

  • Mahendra Singh

    I can feel only sympathetic for your abusive words that you spit in your every piece of writing…clearly reflects on your upbringing and culture that you are proud of….even yoga and meditation could not help you….

    May your God and spirituality brings some inner peace in your mind that you stop being abusive….

    • admin

      Mahendra I told you.. please get sober and stop wasting your time. Anyone can read my comment below and keep looking for “abusive comments”. If calling an intoxicant “retarded” is what you are so worried about, then you are high! lol..

      First you try and justify assault weapons – and its training to a kid – in the name of sports and then equate the death of 20 Elementary school kids to someone dying in a car accident.. and when someone challenges you, you start your pitch on your funny ideas of Spirituality and Yoga. To even suggest that the massacre of 20 elementary kids is no different than car accident is the height of insensitivity.

      So, please get off whatever the heck you are smoking and then when you are sober.. read what you have written. And, before you comment the next time, imagine your own kid amongst those 20 small toddlers… maybe you will feel differently about assault weapons and their great need in sports!!

  • Mahendra Singh

    and your angry comments and hostility reminds me about futility of yoga and meditation that you claim to practice and advice everyone else to learn; which is evidenced by a fact the societies that invented these tools, are no better when it comes to violence….

    As per Global Peace Index (GPI, I hope you may have heard of it), India and China who supposedly invented Yoga and Meditation, are not placed any better than US when it comes to violence….and remember lot of violent crimes are not even registered in those countries….

    May God give you peace of mind…but I accept all of your anger if that helps you release your inner certainly need some cleansing mechanism because meditation is not working for you…remember violence is not only committed by guns, words are also tools of violence which is profound in your writing ….

  • Mahendra Singh

    “because far more people may die from drowning”

    exactly that’s what I am saying that so many things are dangerous in our daily lives, but it does not mean that you stop using them or stop going there or stop practicing those things….

    2 people die every minute worldwide, more dangerous than guns, but you do not dry out all the swimming pools, and ask your kids to stop swimming and practice meditation instead. Similarly if people die from guns because someone has mental health issues and was not taken care of in time, you can not stop others who use them as sports gadget..

    You really need to take some classes in dialectics, logic and reasoning, and you do not need to go anywhere else, just read some of your Indian scriptures focused on Mimamsa, you will learn something really worthwhile…. you can make better arguments without being abusive to others and loosing your temperament…

    • admin

      You are incredible aren’t you? You pick one phrase out of context and get all kicked up. The difference between someone dying from Oceans or Swimming Pools AND those dying from Assault rifles is that in the latter there is INTENT TO KILL.

      As for disadvantaging the “poor sport enthusiast” by banning assault weapons versus the deaths of kids in schools due to such guns, bordering on an epidemic – the very argument itself is regressive for society. The person who goes around hunting and teaches that to his kids IS promoting violence. Somewhere this will go out of hand. And, the last time I checked, there is no tool/ machine yet created to tell you who – with mental health issues – will become a remorseless and ruthless killer. But if you have a way to discern that – good luck to you.

      But you know what… something that should send shivers up your spine – which apparently isn’t happening – is that tomorrow it could be your OWN kid gunned down by that quiet kid in your street, who goes around doing his own business. However, if you had any spiritual sense, you would consider those 20 kids as precious as yours! If you did that, the LAST damn thing you would argue for .. is the “Poor little Sports Enthusiast” who will lose the “harmless ASSAULT Rifle”.

  • Mahendra Singh


    if somebody intends to kill someone he does not need assualt rifles, they can do it by other means, they can make explosives, and they do when they want…just look back in India, all those ruthless killings by terrorists are mostly done by home made explosives …made out of all those chemicals that you can imagine…

    so problem is not availability of guns, but mental health issues, things that lead to that anger, or illness whatever it is, and lack of ways thereof to manage those illnesses and anger issues that you are yourself going through..

    just a day before this episode, a farmer in china slashed throats of more than 20 kids by his knife…and killed his own mother too, he did not have assault rifle…

    BTW, thanks for sending me good wishes for my child, I can not do the same because I do not practice Yoga or Meditation that makes me senseless enough to wish bad things for someone else child. I would rather pray to God that he does not put your child in the shoes of Adam Lanza or those 20 who died due to the illness of Adam Lanza…. Good luck. I am not spiritual and I do not want to be one like you who sends ill wishes for others’ children and uses abusive words because he is so angry always and can not control it…

    • admin

      Now you are clearly in the territory of the Morons. Its bad enough that you don’t get the difference between Car Accident and Sandy Hook Massacre. Its even worse when you don’t get the danger that your kids (and mine) are in. Specifically in context of your mindless defense of the Assault rifles. But what is even more pathetic is that you can’t even get the English language right and confuse between a Wish and Plainspeak (Articulation of common imminent danger).

      And, Mahendra, just leave your obsession of Yoga and Meditation aside, please. You aren’t getting anywhere with it and are sounding like a bad record. Try some other trick.. ok?

      Now let me nail your latest argument: if there is intention then one does not need weapons.

      If Adam Lanza really had the intention to kill, but had no access that day to any guns. He would still have picked up the knife and went to school to kill. At best, with 2-3 teachers approaching him – one of whom he shot on the legs and she came back crawling to alert 911 – he would have badly hurt 1 or 2 people. NOT gunned down 27, including 20 6-7 year olds!

      It is highly unlikely that Alexander would have won a war in today’s world against even Taliban forget about conquering the world, if he used the same arms he used in his era.

      So, kiddo, there is HUGE difference between a guy with an assault rifle in his hand – which can fire 100 rounds in under a minute – and someone with a knife. One can hope to tackle one, not the other.

      Ok, now go ask for more funding and educational material from the NRA so you can frame a useful comment. Your nonsense until now didn’t quite work. Fair? At least you might get some money in the process. WHat’s the harm?

      • Mahendra Singh

        I am really happy that you are showing your true colors…”morons” is this the word your spiritual Guru calls you by or you call your kids at home or colleague or anyone…

        I am sorry but I can not use such derogatory word even for my enemy if I had one…

        I can really see the deep color of your culture, religion and spirituality that you have inherited from your family and environment…I really pray for your poor taste of selection of words….also reflects on your education

      • Mahendra Singh

        thanks for pointing towards my English…but I still thankful that I did not have a teacher like yours who may have taught you better grammar but could not teach you to differentiate between the choice of the words, use of abusive language, and most importantly did not teach you to control your anger…..

        I do not use words like “moron” for others and I am not ashamed of my english….hope you use same words for your kids, brothers, friends, and parents, true teachings coming from your culture of 10,000 years

        • admin

          Ole ole my nicey pants kiddo.. who is violated because someone called him moron because of his nonsense.. but is not violated by guns. When you stop smoking that nasty thing that you are doing.. one day you will grow up enough to understand what one should feel bad about. Until then, if you have to play “sports with assault rifles”, do it in your OWN house. Ok?

          • Mahendra Singh

            again shows your great command over language that is directly coming from Geeta, Ramayana and other spiritual scriptures, and deep training in yoga that you are advocating for everyone…

            thanks my friend….i am so glad that so few people are learning yoga and practice meditation and have not become angry old man like you….may god bestow some peace in your mind… shanti shanti shanti…

      • Mahendra Singh

        “just leave your obsession of Yoga and Meditation aside, please. You aren’t getting anywhere with it and are sounding like a bad record. Try some other trick.”

        WHo is obsessed? me? clearly not…can not you see that it is you who is obsessed with it that you are trying to find remedy for every evil in the world in Yoga and meditation…while have no statistics to favor your arguments…why do you think it is not working? it argument is working my friend…what is not working is your harsh words, violence in language and lack of arguments ….support if you can, your arguments by facts (not by your vehement, emotional and fact-less statements) that yoga and meditation has helped decreasing incidence of violence of society in any country…

        • admin

          first, my Guru and Krishna tells me that I should give it back to morons. There is no point in taking shit lying down. So if you think you can hit someone who is meditating and get away with it, then think again. My meditation gives me clarity to know the difference between a car accident and a massacre… and the alacrity to engage with idiots like you and expose their nonsense. A certain dude called Shishupal tried that with Krishna once when he thought he could say whatever he could to him and get away due to Krishna’s divinity and had to pay for it pretty badly for it. :) Part of making sure there is Dharmic and Spiritual balance in the society is to not let idiots take charge. For some reason, guys like Prithviraj CHauhan forgot about all that and an entire nation of India has paid for it since. So, don’t try and unnecessarily hit a guy who is on spiritual path, he is not only able but sharp enough to expose the heck out of your nonsense!

          second, just because you do not understand any logic or scientific argument, does not mean that Yoga and meditation don’t help. MD Anderson is the PREMIER Cancer hospital in the world and has a whole area of using Yoga for recuperating patients. Why don’t you go and check out with them. Maybe they will explain to you in a language that you understand. Besides there are enough studies done and published in peer review journals about how Yoga and meditation helps… so get off your back-side and do some real reading.. will you?

          • Mahendra Singh

            “first, my Guru and Krishna tells me that I should give it back to morons. There is no point in taking shit lying down. So if you think you can hit someone who is meditating and get away with it, then think again.”

            so you are indeed accepting that someone with all his spiritual and meditation training could be as violent as violent as Taliban who do not have training in yoga and meditation….

            good point, I noted it down…thanks for letting me and everyone else know.

            so you basically belong to another commune of violent people, only difference is you do not need guns to spread your violence, you can do it without it…by using abusive words, calling names like moron, kiddo, shit, idiots, etc etc.,

            very nice Sir, I really appreciate your enlightened soul filled with spirituality and rich cultural background where they teach you these things…

          • admin

            When you see a rose, you call it a rose. When you see a stone, you call it a stone. And, when you see a moron, you call him a moron. What does Spirituality have to do with it? You may be ashamed of what you are, and so feel as if I am abusing you, but then I have been requesting you to get off your pot. You can’t have it both ways, na. Ch… Ch… Ch… LOL

          • Mahendra Singh

            “second, just because you do not understand any logic or scientific argument?

            hahahaha….scientific arguments? do you even know what are you talking about?

            is is using abusive words like idiots, moron, shit is part of your logic and scientific arguments…? I am sorry, if this is what makes you feel is scientific arguments then I am sorry I do not understand that language, nor I want to.

            if you could really refrain from using profanity in your language and could control your temper then you will be able to understand even meaning of what science and spirituality is all about..

            science arguments are based on facts, derived from research, we can certainly talk about it if you use that language, calling names or using abusive language certainly indicates that who need help from mental hospital…for you I think getting help from a psychiatrist would be more useful than reading about what they do at MD anderson…you do not have cancer I believe, but you certainly need therapy to cool down your temper…Do not defame Krushna and your Guru, they would have never taught you the language that you are using here….

            may Krishna help you and give you some peace of mind.

      • Mahendra Singh

        “So, kiddo, there is HUGE difference between a guy “with an assault rifle in his hand – which can fire 100 rounds in under a minute – and someone with a knife. One can hope to tackle one, not the other.”

        so angry old man, you have not commented on Bathani Tola violence in Bihar, recent killing in China, and 3000 people who were burnt alive in Gujrat, which assualt rifles were used….?

        did somebody tackle those few only with match boxes and containers of petrol, who burnt alive 74 people first in train and then 3000 people in cities of Gujarat?

        do not worry, if I am paid by NRA, all will be recorded and you can confirm it after 15 April from IRA….I am not a spiritual yoga guru that hides taxes on the name of non-profit organization and spirituality from US government and government of India as well….

  • Mahendra Singh

    and in any case, all those possess guns do not INTEND to kill someone, on the contrary many of those who do not possess even a knife, may INTEND to kill someone or many….you may want to confirm this from a psychologist/psychiatrist and get data on it…

    these mental illnesses (the one that Adam Laza had) have been there in all societies since time immemorial, long before invention of guns, and such “unstable” people have been harming others like this sometime even in more gruesome manner….so nothing will change if you control the guns, as I said, lot of yoga and meditation heavy societies such as India, Japan, and China have had history of violence, mass killings, even now, they have such incidences without having assault rifles….What Maoists have been doing in Bihar, Odissa, Chhattisgarh? They use sharp instruments for mass killings. What Ranveer Sena (upper caste people) did in Bathani Tola, Bihar? They also did massacre without use of any assualt rifles, What a bunch of muslims did to Kar Sewaks in Godhara, Gujrat, and what in reaction Hindu did to muslims by killing 3000 people ….they did not use assault rifles….did they??

    So if someone INTENDS to kill, he will do it no matter what. This is time to think about the root of the problem, and work on the root, which certainly is not invention of guns, rather than working on peripheral issues. Problem lies way too deeper, in the psyche of the people involved, mentality of society as a whole, and mental illnesses like this….and god knows what else, that has to be discussed, just banning gun is something like giving tylenol to a child suffering from flu, rather than getting him vaccinated before season or seeing a doctor in time if flu continues to go along for more than a week….

    yes having access to guns for a mentally unstable person is not justified at all, it helps them execute their crimes, but that just facilitates, controlling guns alone would not stop them from what they want to do. They will find their ways….Also meditation can not help these people either…it has not helped those societies where meditation has been practiced for centuries….its like treating a cancer patients or someone suffering from herbal medicine as Steve Job tried and failed….

  • Mahendra Singh

    So angry old man of spirituality:

    I hope more people who are not as “spiritual” as you are, also happen read your blog and see what you, your guru, and your spirituality is spreading in this world; by calling names, using violence in their language and thinking it is the correct type of English.

    So you call anyone a “moron”, if he does not agree with your fact-less, baseless, half-cooked, newspaper based information rather than relying on any authentic research paper or book or research organization on sociological studies, and non-authentic arguments. Right?

    Do you call you kids a “moron” when they do not agree with you? And I am sure no kid in the world always agree with their parents if they are normal. Did you call your parents moron when you were younger and they did not agree with you? Because if you did so then I and other readers of this blog will know where your bitterness is coming from? Why instead of getting to the facts or confining only to the arguments, one need to become personal?

    So you are taming me by these words, as I suppose you do with your kids too when they ask things, or do not agree with you and expecting me to feel ashamed?

    Wow…why should I be ashamed for your deeds, words, and violent thinking. Do victims of violence have to be ashamed? or should it be other-way round? You are being violent in your language so its your problem, not mine. You come from land of Gandhi and Buddha, but using the language of Togadiya, and Modi, so why should I be ashamed? No… I am not ashamed my dear friend, I am only sympathetic to your mental state, poor judgement, and your kids people living around you because I am seeing another Adam Lanza in you, who could call anyone moron if he just feels that other person is a moron, is this what they do in an educated society? May be in your own land of 10000 years of history of culture; not here in a civilized society of Western World….

    Again your all spiritual training is in vain, and the only difference between Adam Lanza and you is, that you are without a gun, and now I can see why you want gun control, because all this training of yoga could not make you a better person, and you are insecure deep down inside your you upto this extent that if you or people like you had a gun, your violent streak that certainly has more layers of feudalistic, patriarchal, casteist, fanatic, and fascistic emotions, can get exploded dangerously….I have now become quite sure of one thing at least that, irrespective of whatever changes they make in second amendment, spiritual people especially those trained in your violent school of thought like yourself, should not have access to guns, not even a knife, not even in their own household, cause if you could create so much violence on a blog, then it is scary to imagine you with a gun….

    And even advocates of guns do not support the idea of having mentally challenged people like yourself to have access to guns.

    So thank you very angry old man, for making it easy for psychologists if any of them visit this blog, to diagnose your condition. I wish you speedy recovery from your mental state, but please get proper treatment from a psychiatrist along with your regular dose of yoga and meditation which certainly is not working….

    May Krishna give you some peace of mind…and make you refrain from anger, bitterness, and open your Gyan Chakshu so that you can concentrate on reading some real authentic literature be it spirituality or science….

    • admin

      Dude, you really need some help… you are beyond real.

  • Mahendra Singh

    Dear Angry Old Man, you know very well who needs help and who is already taking help from Sadhguru. It is certainly good sign that you were able to recognize your temperament issues and made your first step towards its treatment by joining meditation classes. However, I am afraid it is not working in your case as evidenced in your language filled with profanity and anger, unless Sadhguru and your holy scriptures have asked you to use that type of language.

    I understand that Sadhguru’s preaching and meditation can help unto some extent, but only normal people, not people with mental pathology like yourself and Adam Lanza. So it is time to acknowledge this fact and seek help from professionals. You seem to be an intelligent man as shown in your English language which you certainly learnt very hard by cramming Grammar books and dictionaries, but in the process you have forgot your own mother tongue Hindi (you can not construct a single sentence in Hindi without making blunders) anyways, so I am sure, you will gradually accept your condition and do the needful in time. People like you can be treated, if they seek professional help in time, but not with Papaya and Neem concoction for sure. Your case is still in good condition, as you are gradually transitioning from being extremely to less violent, such as while you still support killing 3000 people alive in fire in India masterminded by Mr. Narendra Modi, you have mellowed down by opposing gun control in America as you are afraid that your kids could be affected by that. At least you have some sensitivity still left for your own kids, if not for those who were burnt alive in Gujarat, India. It certainly indicates good prognosis of your mental health issues. Also you recognize that killing by guns is bad, though killing by burning them alive is least you condemn some form of violence…good progress.

    I pray for your mental well being and also pray for those who were brunt alive in Gujarat, and of course for those little kids in Connecticut who became victims of someone with mental disorders like yourself and did not seek help from a professional.

    Happy Holidays….