New From Korrektiv Records!

Well, here’s something fun:

Through the wonders of modern technology, I have been able to collaborate (in a very small way) with author/songwriter Matthew Lickona, and a few very talented musicians to sing back-up vocals on the first song release from the Korrektiv Records Album, “Good Country People.”


“Play Me” – the first single from the musical collective Good Country People.

Vocals: Mary Ann Carr

Backup vocals: Betty Duffy

Music: Bill Wilson

Words: Matthew Lickona


Good Country People - Play Me



I am truly the weak link in this mix of talent, but I think it turned out lovely regardless.


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  • Owen

    Good on you.

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  • Manny

    The little clip off Amazon sounded very enticing. When will the album come out? I might want to wait and buy the whole thing. And if they produce a Youtube video I’ll post it on my blog.

    • Manny

      I bought the song. Very enjoyable. Mary Ann Carr’s vocals are outstanding. I definitely recommend getting it if anyone stops here. Kudos. I do hear your background vocals. :)

      • Elizabeth Duffy

        Glad you liked it!