OMG (Oh My Gosh!) 2: with John Joseph and Johnny B

Ross Bennett comes to you from Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Sea cruise ship with his guests, musical comedians John Joseph and Johnny B..

The three discuss how John and Johnny met in 1993 in Atlantic City over an incredible evening of Joe Cocker impressions, when and where they discovered their perfect comedic chemistry.

Over time, John and Johnny found the demand for their act migrating from the casinos to the clubs and then onto cruise ships.  What most performers don’t realize is that cruise audiences are more personal appreciative and involved than those found on other stages.

Not to say it’s an easy gig – you’ve got to be able to make everyone from 10-year-olds to 90-year-olds pee their pants in laughter.

One tough aspect of working cruise ships – or the road for that matter – is missing family holidays.  John has missed one Christmas in his career – and it was miserable.

The only redeeming factor of it was that it was while on that gig, at a ratty Holiday Inn in Jersey, that he met Johnny.

After that, he vowed to never be away from his family on Christmas, Thanksgiving or his kids’ birthdays.  Now, Johnny’s birthday (January 1st) is another story, since the duo is almost always performing together from New Year’s Eve.  This has made for some remarkably romantic birthday dinners… it’s just a shame that their wives couldn’t be there.

The perspective John and Johnny have regarding being on the road is this:  They’re similar to apostles in that they sacrifice their lives for complete strangers.  And that’s why they do what they do – because God gave them a talent to share with others.  They have nurtured this gift, developed it and then continually give to others by bringing happiness, joy and togetherness to each person in the audience.

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