Unorthodox Man Podcast: An Unorthodox Interview with Nomis

An Unorthodox Interview with Nomis

This week, we’re talking about unorthodox men – guys who kinda feel out of place with our local church or community. We still love Jesus, but we don’t quite feel like a true part of that crowd.

My buddy, Aaron Simon (aka Nomis) is as unorthodox as they come – he knew early on that he liked Jesus… he just didn’t fit in at all with any of those people who seemed to represent Him. In his words, he wanted Jesus and he wanted church… he just didn’t want the church culture. And for most of his life, Aaron didn’t understand that there was a difference between the two. As a hip hop artist, there were many bridges to build between him and the Christian community he is surrounded with.

Here are a few of the things Aaron and I discuss:

An Unorthodox Interview with Nomis
Image: Mikaela McIntosh
  • Mixed Marriage – Aaron is black and his wife is white
  • His struggle between church & hip hop culture
  • Aaron’s rededication to Christ, yet he still struggled with “Christian culture”
  • Bad Christian music, but a connection
  • What’s going on now: building bridges
  • Aaron wants to change cultural norms: we’re not all the same, but we need to be known for love
  • There were twelve Disciples = Jesus’ example of diversity
  • Aaron’s good friends who speak into his life
  • Aaron’s advice for guys who feel out of place in church culture

This is just part of Aaron’s story. You’ve got to listen to what God has done throughout his life to train him for the things that seem to make no sense at all, but lead from one thing to the next that all add up to fulfilling God’s purposes.

How can a guy influenced by Wu-Tang and Dr. Dre worship alongside church-culture people who listen to Audio Adrenaline and Michael W. Smith?

As Aaron has learned, one of the keys is recognizing what we have in common above all else: Jesus Christ! The truth is that no one is “closer to Jesus” than anyone else. We are all simply flawed men and women who draw close to God, thanks to His mercy. If that doesn’t even the playing field, I don’t know what does. The key is to always be authentic in regards to who you are… but don’t ever let your personal preferences overshadow your true identity, which is in Jesus Christ!

Check out even more from my buddy at NomisHipHop today!

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