Resolving Conflict Through Questions with Keith Webb: Asking the right questions & responding appropriately can help resolve almost any relational conflict Read more

Dr. William Lane Craig’s debate with atheist Daniel Came regarding the existence of God, creation, morality, good and evil. Read more

Leo Tolstoy, Walter Rauschenbusch and the social gospel movement – Proponents expected that people would be able to put all of society’s ills behind them Read more

Raising Kids with No Regrets with Rhonda Stoppe – Kristi Clover and Rhonda discuss parenting strategies to raise young men who become Godly, mature men Read more

Four Kinds of False Prophecies we commonly hear today are: Bonkers, Blandishment, Bleary and Busted from people like Benny Hinn and John Gray Read more

Reciting Creeds & Confessions join us as believers in Jesus Christ with the Apostles and the Christian community throughout the world and throughout time. Read more

Opposing the Transgender Craze – How to Become a Scientific Heretic like Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins University’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Dept. Read more

Family friendly, clean comedy from Daren Streblow about his foreign exchange guest & Greg Hahn will share stories that will make you split a gut! Read more

Jeremy Dys discusses the importance of protecting America’s First Amendment – Indiana Makes Protecting Religious Liberty in Public Schools a Priority Read more

Pastor John Piper answers a common question regarding sin, forgiveness and regret: How Do I Escape Regret over Hurt I’ve Caused? Read more

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