What to do When You’re Attacked on All Sides: A Message for the Clay Jars

Since the inauguration of this country’s 45th president, I’m noticing edges of what may be a disturbing new trend: friends in the resistance movement sometimes turning on each other. I fear this is a symptom of a much deeper systemic problem. How should we respond? Drawing on 2 Corinthians Chapter 4, this is a message for the “clay jars.” [Read more…]

Not Your Mother’s “Wonder Woman”: A Feminist Review

I’ll admit it: when Wonder Woman climbed up out of the fox hole and slo-mo walked into No Man’s Land, drawing the fire power of the enemy, tears stung my eyes. [Read more…]

Dar Tellum: 1970s Children’s Book about Climate Change Teaches my Son about Hope

Sorting through a box of elementary school mementos, I lifted a book out from under a class picture from 4th grade. My hand brushed over the cover with an odd title and intriguing illustration of a boy’s eyes and forehead merging with a mysterious swirling orb with a tiny face at the center: Dar Tellum – Stranger from a Distant Planet by James R. Berry. [Read more…]

Exit Paris? Enter Pentecost! A Christian Response to Reneging on the Climate Promise

Now that Trump has reneged on the promise to combat climate change, this is a moment when the church must not stand on the sidelines. This is an issue that affects every person on this planet – especially “the least of these” who bear the brunt of the effects of climate change. [Read more…]

La Lengua de Dios: Pentecost and the Language of God

I had a memorable encounter around language last year working the concession stand at my son’s baseball game with two other parents. One was Nick who was working the grill. He was white and English-speaking. The other was Maria, who served the food. She is Hispanic. I worked the cash register. Like Nick, I am white. [Read more…]

Flag Placement in Church: How to Have the Conversation

Flag placement is one of the most delicate conversations to have in a church. How do we have a dialogue about the conflicts between nationalism and Christianity, while still maintaining pastoral relationships? [Read more…]

Rebuilding the Temple . . . of Earth: EcoPreacher Guest Sermon

Ronda Sloan is a lay preacher and elder in the Disciples of Christ Christian Church and received an Honorable Mention in the 2017 EcoPreacher Earth Day Sermon Contest. The prophet Haggai chastised the ancient Israelites for neglecting to rebuild the Temple. In this sermon, Ronda draws implications for our neglected “temple” of Earth today. [Read more…]

Jonah, Ninevites, and Climate Change: EcoPreacher Guest Sermon

Carol Devine is the second-place winner of the 2017 EcoPreacher Earth Day Sermon Contest. Her sermon applies a “green lens” to the story of Jonah, and shows us key insights for our struggles with climate change, Native American rights, and economic justice. [Read more…]

EcoPreacher Earth Day Sermon Contest Winner: Brooke Baker

Congratulations to Brooke Baker, winner of the 2017 EcoPreacher Earth Day Sermon Contest! [Read more…]

Climate Change Impacts Health, Families, and Wallets

When it comes to climate change, many people are not all that concerned about animal extinction or the plight of future generations. So what will it take to help people understand why they should care about climate change? [Read more…]