A Glutton for Argument: Feast But Do Not Gorge on Words

Argument can help save your soul (by God's grace) or be a way to damn it.Bad arguments happen when a husband and wife who disagree disagreeably. He cannot see why she cannot see what is obvious while she cannot understand why he does not understand the truth. Each pound away to win. Sometimes one will use soft persuasion, the offers of treats, to placate the other into compliance or words will hammer away until exhaustion produces consensus. These are arguments, disagreements, but they take … [Read More...]

Give Me Wax for My Board, Even If I Cannot Surf for the Lord

Church songs are many and varied. As a pastor's kid, I sang them all and made even the sublime ridiculous with my piping little voice. The worst of the songs were the ones with infinite verses, tunes so flexible anyone could design new words, and everyone did,  especially at summer camp. A particular sin against the Faith that inspired Bach was "Give Me Oil for My Lamp."The original words were not Shakespeare, but at least had Biblical backing: Give me oil for my lamp, keep me burning, … [Read More...]

Debate Prep and Live Blog of the Presidential Debate

Perspective: This is not the most important election ever. There will be another election in four years. A Republic that survived Richard Nixon, Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan, and Woodrow Wilson will survive President Clinton or Trump.Still we should hope for the best, even if we often … [Read More...]

Let’s Be Perfect!

Jesus said a hard thing when He said: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.I don't know about you, but I am not perfect. In fact, we pass off our failure by saying to ourselves: "Nobody is perfect." This is wrong since at least the God-Man, Jesus, is perfect … [Read More...]

The Bears versus the Raiders: Do I have to pick?

When our annual blow-out Super Bowl party comes around, there is pressure to root for a team. This is normally easy: the Panthers had a feel-good story.Cam Newton and Denver had the old guy going out looking for a win. I am an old guy, so I picked Denver (and this made my two brother-in-laws … [Read More...]

Screen Time: Too Much is Too Much

Kids are not smoking so much.That is good, but schools and colleges are seeing a problem that may be as serious as smoking. We see kids who have never been outside for more than ten minutes. We see kids that do not know how to play with toys. We see kids that have never played with other ki … [Read More...]

A Story of 9/11 by a Friend from Libya

I did not write today's piece. It was given to me by a friend from Libya. The opinions are his, unfiltered, and not (necessarily) my own. Here is an insight into both the world outside of the United States and what God is doing in the world: As 9/11 this year coincides with the Great Islamic Feast … [Read More...]

Passion and Liberty!

We are simultaneously in a time that celebrates passion, but is pushing technology on us that reduces genuine passion. Whatever your deeply held feelings are, as long as you harm no person but yourself, then you will be celebrated, if you can also claim happiness. What about the spiritual happiness … [Read More...]

As Time Passes, Coming to the New Testament

Just tomorrow reading through the Bible for the year will bring me to books of the New Testament. With fewer than four complete months left in 2016, I am reminded how much the Bible depends on the Old Testament and how beautifully the New Testament harmonizes with the Old. After you meet Jesus, then … [Read More...]

Eternal, Yes. . . Yesterday, NO: Education and Tomorrow

We know what to do, but few seem willing to do it. Education needs to return to eternal ideas and reject repeating yesterday. We desperately require entrepreneurs and innovators, but our 1950's style education model is administration directed where innovation is a "problem."Worse are schools in … [Read More...]

God Will Use Even Our Fakery

"Fake it until you make it" sounds like bad advice. Pretending to something you do not have is bad, but I think the advice is sound if understood as this: carry on, do your duty, until your feelings match your actions.Don't pretend, because pretending is dangerous, but do carry on with virtuous … [Read More...]

We need happiness AND joy!

Christians need to stop attacking happiness.I don't know how it got started, but  sometime in my teenage years (so long ago that Scooby Doo was new programming) pastors starting attacking happiness and telling us we needed joy. Since I was a CS Lewis fanatic, this first seemed cool (Surprised by … [Read More...]

Do Not Expectorate: Confusing Social Norms and Moral Law

My Mother likes to tell us about the noble effort of the town of Clendenin, West Virginia, to stop spitting outside the Smoke Shop.  They put up a sign that said: "Do Not Expectorate," since a sign that said: "Do Not Spit" would have been vulgar. Needless to say, those old boys at the Smoke Shop w … [Read More...]

100 Days Until Christmas: God of Waiting and Hiding

There are only one hundred days until Christmas and I can wait. This is not because I do not love Christmas, but because I do. Christmas is coming, the holiday will happen, and all of it is coming soon! I was never tempted to peek at my Christmas presents. My parents told me where they were, mor … [Read More...]