In Praise of the Art on Your Fridge

When a boy I wrote a very bad poem that began: “Cry for an age without romance, weep for Prometheus unchained . . .” Whatever the last bit meant, I felt sad, morose even, and the poem helped. The sad thing is that I made the mistake of showing this outpouring of childhood passion to an actual poet. He was kind, but blunt: no good. As a kid, I recall sitting in the woods and singing folk songs while playing the recorder and it was deep, very deep. I discovered in college that while church choir d … [Read More...]

A Series of Modest Steps to Save Christian Higher Education

 College is expensive and yet a diploma is still necessary for many jobs. Even if college was not needed for work, a real liberal arts education is liberating and outstanding training for citizen leaders for our Republic. How can we drive the debt out of education and get high quality … [Read More...]

A Candid Talk about a Silent Killer: UUH

Let’s have a candid talk about UUH, a problem most people ignore until too late. Unrequested Unwanted Help (UUH) is the most powerful force for unwanted control in the civilized world. In an advanced stage of UUH, a person can be made to feel guilty for not appreciating something they never w … [Read More...]

Being an Extra in God’s Story

Our life is not a movie, thank God.Movies end, life also ends, but unlike a movie the story keeps going. We see God and are finally enfolded perfectly in the divine comedy. God’s comedy begins in a wedding and continues in joy forever.A movie builds to a climax and stops, because instead of c … [Read More...]

On Marriage, Three Truths: To Jane on Her Wedding

Dear Jane,Today you are getting married, an institution wise people have called the "a high hall of human happiness" and the "bloodless martyrdom." How can both things be true?Marriage is one way to happiness. Happiness, eudaimonia, is flourishing body and soul. Marriage is the union of … [Read More...]

Three Things My Daughters Teach Me

Babies are born and require everything. You start parenting as both the source of all needs and the servant of the child. Parenthood is a long goodbye: a release of authority and care over time. All babies teach you something, but accidentally. The patience we gained is the result of intent on the … [Read More...]

On Being the Happiest Millionaire: As Jane Gets Married

Pardon me if I cry a bit.The Happiest Millionaire is the best failed film Disney ever made, but I cannot stop thinking about it just now. It features an eccentric educator who makes a good life for his children, a wonderful life, but then is saddened to see it end. The tedium of the third act is … [Read More...]

The Last Atheist Will Get Good Care from A Chinese Christian

If things continue as they are, the last Swedish atheist will get good medical care from Christian Chinese nurses. The good news about global change is that atheism and the religious "nones" are in decline as a percentage of the global population. Humankind is becoming more brown and … [Read More...]

The “Nones” are Disappearing

Don't lie. Don't lie to yourself especially.Fibbing to self can be easy to do about bad news because it is nicer to hear good news than bad. As a Christian, I wish Christian belief was growing in the United States, but it is not. This is not good news, but this is what the best data we have says … [Read More...]

Lord Teach Us to . . . Play?

The Preacher in Ecclesiastes pointed out that everything he did was vanity: everything. He tried pleasure, learning, and religion and all was worthless, windy nothing. We cannot hide from that conclusion by referring to chapter twelve where we are urged to remember the Creator when we are young. The … [Read More...]

Mere Christianity, Mere Orthodoxy — Questions from M

Everyone has a calling. Mine has been to educate Socratically, best I could. My issues have been the big, general issues and if I have thought deeply about a few things, they were topics like Republic where my ideas are not needed in the vast ocean of thought on that nearly-greatest of all great b … [Read More...]

Christianity: the Rumor that is True — Questions from M

She was an odd child who always seemed to know what was happening. I recall standing with her in Clendenin Elementary School and hearing the fire alarm go off in town. "The high school is on fire," she said. When I got home, my mom told me Herbert Hoover High (yes, the real name) had experienced a … [Read More...]

Proving Christianity is False — Questions from M

I once wished Christianity, particularly traditional Christianity, was false. Professionally, I was told that being a very traditional Christian in philosophy would make work, already hard to get, harder to get by the President of my secular university. He was being compassionate and, as a more … [Read More...]