The Two Atheisms: How to Know Smart People Cannot Get “Is” From “Ought”

When I was a boy, so long ago the New Atheists were young men, atheism was sold to us in many a science fiction book as freedom from the sexual repression that was killing us all. Someday, writers like Isaac Asimov promised, sex would be less of a mystery and a great deal more available. Meetings of atheists were proudly freewheeling.They were governed by "science" and "reason" so they were going to get rid of archaic sex rules. At least in their conferences and sub-culture they did.How … [Read More...]

Genius that Isn’t Sure: Canterbury Tales

Chaucer did not wrote a book called Cranberry Tales despite what one of my students thought. Instead, he wrote Canterbury Tales, and then came to regret it. He said (translated from Middle English): Now pray I to you all that hear this little treatise or read it, that if there be anything in it that likes them, that thereof they thank our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom proceedeth all wit and all goodness; and if there be anything that displeaseth them, I pray them also that they arette [impute] it t … [Read More...]

We are Running Away Naked

When Jesus was arrested, not many people covered themselves in glory, but one person in particular wasn't covered at all. The  historical records note: And a young man followed him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body; and they seized him, but he left the linen cloth and ran away … [Read More...]

Holmes, Houdini, and Looking for Mystery in all the Wrong Places

I love Sherlock Holmes stories.On any given night, I go to sleep hearing Charlton Griffen read the stories to me. Somewhere in my heart, it is always 1895 and the game is always afoot.Thank you, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Oddly, this bright medical doctor went off into an odd mental … [Read More...]

Knowing What the Card Means: Valentine’s Day

When I was a boy, so long ago that you could play outside all day without adult supervision, there was an odd custom. At Clendenin Elementary School, we would hand out cards to everyone in the class. These cards were sometimes homemade, but most often purchased in boxes from Kroger's.There were … [Read More...]

By Any Means Necessary: A Worldview Failure

The greatest danger is not that we will lose, but that we will win having become what we fight in winning. What will it profit us if we win the whole world and lose our souls?Yet I am told, very often told, that this is merely weakness and defeatism. "We must fight as we must fight, sometimes … [Read More...]

Father is Waiting: All Can Be Well

There is hope if we feel lost.Oddly, the first thing that happens when I say this is for someone to shoot out a message saying they do not feel lost. My response is to be very happy for them. If you are happy with how things are, then my job is not to make you sad. Maybe somebody is called to … [Read More...]

Don’t Let the Culture of TV Evangelism Into Christian Ed: Do Online Well

Around 1986, I discovered that my Commodore 64 could link to other computers in a service named Q-Link. The speed of conversation was so slow I could see the letters of each word forming as the other person wrote his question. I would try to guess the question and start sending the answer at the … [Read More...]

Let Go of James the Lesser: Education Advice to Jesus

Memo to Administration of Jesus UniversityFrom: Al C. Biades Ed.D., Consultant for WIN.EDU!T0 Leadership:We are worried about the future viability of your educational project. First, you are heavily invested in disciples and apostles with hardly any support services. One has to question … [Read More...]

It Began With One Academic Falsehood: The Descent into Hell

The road to hell is a broad, paved, smooth gradual slope. By the time a man must abandon hope of redemption, his little graft, his passive aggressive anger, or his little bigotries have become monstrous.Does it really matter if I tell that racist joke? Is it so important that I gossip a bit or … [Read More...]

Before You find Obi-Wan, Know You are Luke

The speeder driving, womp rat killing Luke Skywalker had not done anything to be ready to learn. He was undisciplined and unfocussed. He wasn't brave enough to defy his Uncle and go to the Academy or loving enough to be patient knowing he would get there eventually.Why would he be ready for the … [Read More...]

Avoid Sexual Incoherence

Female and male . . . God created both.And oddly that is now one of the most controversial things Christians believe on the very white, very wealthy fringes of global culture. Sadly, those fringes are dominate in some places in the United States.Most of the world supports marriage between a … [Read More...]

The American Story for the Loyal Opposition

Is the story of America one of manifest destiny?God forbid.Is the story of America so great that a global church should cry: "America first!"Never.Yet the story of the United States of America is also not the story of oppression that my college students bring to me.Every nation … [Read More...]

A Book for this Time: Watership Down

This is not a gentle time.People of the Word turn to words to step back from the events in the hopes of making sense of them. What to read in such a time as this?1984 is too late, Brave New World still a bit early.Ugly times demand a good work and It Can't Happen Here really isn't very … [Read More...]