Build a New City: At My Last First College Class Ever

Let's build a new city for the remnant of the people of God! That's a good, big, and honorable call and it can be done. People have gone to new lands and built something out of almost nothing. How much easier to create a community in this land! If you are building a new business, ministry, or school the lessons of the community builder apply to you.Somewhere in the DNA of any Western culture, there are the founding lessons of old Rome and the saving lessons of the founding of new Rome. Today … [Read More...]

Remember After Pearl Harbor

By now on December 7, Pearl Harbor was a smoking ruin. The Empire of Japan decided to take on the United States of America in a war the Empire could not win if the United States decided to fight. Japan may have done the one thing necessary to provoke such a fight.We are right to remember Pearl Harbor. Brave men and women fought and died. Such courage is worth remembering, but courage in the instant moment of crisis is precious, but not so rare. The persistence and courage to see the fight to … [Read More...]

We win! (Or Don’t be Troy)

Just when you think you have won, that is when many people lose. This lesson is as old as Homer, though Virgil told it best. The wealthy, more than a little soft, Trojans held off the Greeks for a decade and then the Greeks went home. After ten years of siege, the party was on.And the Trojans … [Read More...]

Follow the Star: the Folly of Certainty

Beauty, Truth, and the Good are real.What do I mean by that?Beauty, Truth, and the Good exist independent of human minds. They exist in the Mind of God (at least) and so can be known. If the Good can be known, the moral life is possible. If the Truth can be known, then error is avoidable. If … [Read More...]

Give Money to Have Less Money: God Will Bless You, Every One.

Scrooge got angry with his nephew Fred over a "Merry Christmas" claiming he would like to see such humbugs boiled in their own pudding and buried with a stake of holly in their hearts.*This is a far worse reaction to Christmas than a Starbucks red cup.Scrooge loves money because he thinks it … [Read More...]

Beauty Dies First

Herod saw the eternal message of the Star of Bethlehem and could only think about his temporal rule. Real beauty filled the sky and all he could see was a problem.Confusing what is eternal with what is mortal or changing is one way a culture finds to die. People refuse to compromise on what they … [Read More...]

Enjoy a Sappy Christmas by Having Actual Advent

By the time Christmas comes some people are tired of sappiness and feel happiness when they can stop with the Holiday cheer. Partly, this is due to the Scrooge that lives in every human heart that must be boiled in a holiday pudding and have a stake of holly driven through this wickedness in our … [Read More...]

Communism: Always Evil, Defenders, Decent Dupes

We can hate ideas, but we cannot hate people. At the same time,  we can think about any idea, but some relationships with people are too toxic to be endured. To put it simply: at The Saint Constantine School, our students think hard about Marxism, but we would not let Lenin teach.Marxism is a ba … [Read More...]

Exegesis of “A Visit from St. Nicholas” or Why Santa is a Spelling Error for Satan

If you have never sent a text to the Boss and had autocorrect change a perfectly normal word to a very bad word, you have not yet known terror. When first it happens, you hope the Boss knows you do not speak that way and that autocorrect does funny things. Imagine the horror, however, if the Boss … [Read More...]

Praying for Mr. Trump (After Eight Years of Praying for Mr. Obama): Five Requests

Recently I marked a change in my daily prayers: I began to pray for the President Elect after praying for President Obama for eight years. The old order is changing and is giving way to the new. That is the way of a Republic.I pray for our head of state, because I should.Why?I am an … [Read More...]

Advent: Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Let's celebrate the coming of Jesus, but not quite yet!We are "between" in the United States and every school teacher feels the joyous tension of being past Thanksgiving and yet weeks from Christmas. Even our college students feel it, the anticipation with so much left to do.If you are not a … [Read More...]

Mozart and a Quiet Moment Without a Moment of Drowsiness

Listening to Mozart live is one of the few musical experiences where I am made calm, yet not sleepy. I was lucky enough to hear Jeffery Kahane conduct and play piano for a packed house in Houston.  We have had a wonderful, but busy holiday with much to do later to get ready for the work week. In s … [Read More...]

The Glass Bauble Was Beautiful . . . God, so Beautiful

We put up the Christmas tree today and the entire time was lovely. We went to the great parking lot of trees and looked for a humble tree . . . avoiding the dreaded "proud tree.""A proud tree," you ask? And there is no good explanation except to say that long ago a wise child thought she could … [Read More...]

Born to Free: Advent is Coming

Everyone is born to be free, but soon finds themselves in chains. This is not because of politics, unless referring to the governance of the soul. Within each person, desire fights with reason and desires too often win. Not that desire is bad, in place, desire adds sweetness and joy to life, yet we … [Read More...]