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Star Wars, David Bowie, Hillary Clinton, and Peyton Manning

Last month my feeds were dominated by Star Wars, David Bowie, and Peyton Manning.Great culture endures and so the play Hamlet has been performed, is being performed, and will  be performed. Great culture endures because even though there may not be a great deal of money to be made, the art has the power to transform our lives. Great art may also entertain us, though sometimes it disturbs us even more, but it endures because the beauty is irreplaceable.A mark of a dying culture is when … [Read More...]


Dickens on the Super Bowl

Today is the birthday of the literary showman, Charles Dickens. He was one of the first authors to add performance to his writing . . . Dickens would perform his own work to riotous applause and profit. If he lived during the Super Bowl, he would have found a way to be part of the excitement.This will mark the forty-third Super Bowl I can remember . . . and to celebrate the celebration I have allowed Dickens to comment on this year's fun.And so now modified for the season . . . a very … [Read More...]

Live Blog of New Hampshire Republican Debate

Usual rules apply: I will post my thoughts as they come, lightly edited, if edited at all.My call for Iowa held up and my call for New Hampshire has always been: Trump, Rubio, Cruz. Trump must win New Hampshire. Cruz would harm Rubio by coming in second. If Rubio comes in second, then Bush, … [Read More...]

OJ was Guilty: Let’s not Repeat the Mistakes that Set Him Free

OJ Simpson and his murders are back in the media.I recently reviewed the worthwhile miniseries for World Magazine and as part of my preparation read The Run of His Life by Jeffery Toobin and How I Helped OJ Get Away with Murder by Mike Gilbert.If read it, you will not acquit.I was just … [Read More...]

Patience to Be Free: Numbers is a Good Book

I get so tired in the book of Numbers of all the numbering. In fact, I grow impatient and then I pause. The book has done the work that needed to be done: I am impatient and a book theme of Numbers is the tragedy of impatience.God sends Moses to deliver Israel from Pharaoh and the results are … [Read More...]

Nations Are Not You and Me OR You Can be Saved but the Nation Cannot

If I take your money without your consent, it is called "stealing." If the government takes your money without your consent, it is called taxation.Government can do things that individuals cannot, thank God.Of course, Americans would argue that even if I personally oppose taxes, I must pay … [Read More...]

Ten Lessons From Iowa

We have votes! When it comes to politics, I have one general rule:Rule I: The GOP Primary always seems like it is going to be an awesome contest and rarely is. The person you step back, squint, and say: "I bet he will win" does. Mostly. Keep your head GOP voters: most primary candidates lose. … [Read More...]

Live Blog of Iowa

As usual, a live blog is not edited and my thoughts as they arise watching coverage.My call at the start:  @tedcruz 29% (GOTV), @realDonaldTrump (28%)) @marcorubio (21%).While it might have been more interesting to some to do a "love blog," relating CS Lewis and his book on love to politics a … [Read More...]

A Wee Little Man

When I was a little boy, the only thing I knew about this man was that he was small. Later I realized that he was a tax collector and nobody has to tell someone from West Virginia the government is bad and the tax collectors are the worst of the worst. Later when I was studying the Romans, I learned … [Read More...]

A Warning: Kill the King at Our Peril

The English murdered their King today and there is a lesson in it for America. The English Civil War was a bloody mess where no side was particularly “good” and no side was utterly evil. The wealthy wanted to run things through their tool, parliament, and the King was determined not to let them. Lik … [Read More...]

Caught by Jesus

The greatest manhunt in history ended in failure when the Romans and the Jewish leaders could not find the body of Jesus. The greatest manhunt in my history was when Jesus used best reason and experience to bring me to Himself.I grew up in the Church. I had a great childhood with parents who … [Read More...]

The State of the Presidential Race and a Live Blog of the GOP Debate

The race for the White House is soon to get real data: votes from voters.Pundits know polling is becoming more untrustworthy (see the Bevin race), but polls exist so we talk about them.Turnout for campaign events can tell you who has a prayer, but it does not predict a winner or Pat … [Read More...]

The Dove Channel and Purity

The Dove Channel aims for purity, but fails at beauty.Purity is a lovely thing despite the people who have twisted the word. Purity, holiness before God, is necessary for a Christian and leads to beauty. Purity includes, but is not limited to sexual purity for men and women. Purity is good and if … [Read More...]

Preservation Hall: A Good Thing in America

I am already tired of politics and nobody has voted yet. Democrat and Republican: my social media is full of fury, rage, and depression. Of course, there are other people posting cat videos, but those jolly souls do not need encouragement. They already live better lives.Here is good, good news … [Read More...]