No Place for Kingmakers (Henry VI, Part 3)

A sure way to spot a dysfunctional church, business, or organization is to look for kingmakers or would be kingmakers. The kingmaker is the man who makes the man: the person not out front, but who has the 'real power.' The kingmaker is the member of the elder board who thinks he really runs the church. "Pastors may come and go, but my family is forever." Contradict the opinions of the kingmaker and your head will eventually roll.  The kingmaker is the member of the business or ministry who is … [Read More...]

Use our Liberty to Create Hope

Discouragement is always clever, but hope is always wise.Why?We live in God's cosmos and God is in His Heaven. This does not mean all is right with the world in the sense that everything is good. We could make a long list of things that are not good in the world without even touching American politics! Citizens of this God blessed Republic who think this year is the worst should consider the rest of the world: where are you sure it is better? When was it better? What do you mean … [Read More...]

Don’t Pick Between the Useless Red Rose and the White Rose (Henry VI, Part 2)

We need more than piety in leadership. We need strength, competence, and piety. The combination of the three qualities is rare enough that most of us settle in our churches, businesses, and in government. In some religious organizations, saying the "leader meant well" is good enough to justify an … [Read More...]

No Place Else to Go: A Jolly or a Deadly Monday

When there is no place else to go, that can be a bad thing, unless the place you are is with Jesus.During one point in His ministry, Jesus gave a hard teaching. Like any good teacher, He wanted his students to keep asking questions, to follow the argument where it led, and not to run away from … [Read More...]

God’s Judgment Can’t Be Covered Up with Media (Henry VI, Part 1)

As we enter a Presidential election where a majority of Americans dislike both candidates, we should not fall for one myth. Good media cannot make a defeat a win or a saint a sinner. How do we know?If Shakespeare cannot make the French or a French hero look bad, then nobody can do it, certainly … [Read More...]

Waiting for Constantine

Conservatives are rightly skeptical of great men. For every Lincoln, there is a string of Harding, Hoover, Dewey, Taft mediocrities. Worse, few great men are like Washington, able to give up power when they have it. instead, they become Napoleon, a great man who went the wrong way for all the right … [Read More...]

Iago University: the Treason of the Professors (Othello)

Secular or Christian-too much of American higher education should be named Iago University where promising leaders are poisoned by playing on the faults of the society and the state. Shame to our sins, but great shame to the institution that uses our moral lassitude to kill the future of … [Read More...]

Christianity and the Cultural Crisis

I outlined the tensions of our era in a brief lecture at The Saint Constantine School a week ago Thursday. Our Provost Dr. Robert Stacey spent time outlining three challenges we face in the United States. . . a talk proved prophetic within twenty-four hours.Do listen to an academic leader of … [Read More...]

Measure for Measure: Aspire to be Good, but We Are Not (Jesus, Shakespeare)

Jesus was a very smart and wise man and when we have a chance to see Him influencing the greatest writer in the English language and an astute political philosopher, we had better pay attention. Americans wobble between harsh moral judgments or an inability to make any moral distinctions.Try … [Read More...]

Once You Have a Mess, It Just Gets Messier (Richard III)

When the leaders are bad, things get to be a mess, and when things are a mess, worse most often follows. The trouble is that in the middle of a mess, the very leaders who got you into the mess will blame someone, usually one of their number, and make the mess worse. It will all be his fault, you kn … [Read More...]

Accepting (and Enjoying!) our Human Foolishness (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

 We are foolish, but need not be Biblical fools.Biblical fools destroy life and happiness by forgetting their place and thinking themselves wise. There is no fear of God or respect for law or order.Yet we are also born children in the cosmos of God and the loving Father allows us to … [Read More...]

Have a Galilee Moment: Jesus is Here as He Always Has Been

Father Richard preached up a storm today . . . and reminded us all (Saint Paul's!) that we need to have a "Galilee moment." Jesus began His ministry in Galilee and when He rose from the dead He returned. Some of the disciples had received the call to follow Jesus there and they ate breakfast with … [Read More...]

Endurance and Not Words (Troilus and Cressida)

I love you.Very powerful to say today, but most powerful to say every day for thirty years or more. To endure in love is harder than to be in love and words are less important than deeds. This is as true in business and politics as it is in personal relationships. Anybody can say love words and … [Read More...]

More than an “N” Christian: in the Family

Recently, Christianity Today magazine featured a symbol on the cover from Arabic that many have used in social media to protest the destruction of the world's oldest Christian communities. This is at least some improvement over the past. One Christian college was considering a Middle East Studies … [Read More...]