Twenty-Five Questions to Ask and Things to Do Before Picking a College

I have spent over thirty years in higher education, mostly in Christian higher education. I have known saintly presidents like the late Clyde Cook of Biola University, passionate Christians like Professor JP Moreland, and highly skilled Deans like HBU's Doris Warren. For seventeen years, my joy was to work with the faculty at the Torrey Honors Institute. I get to work with a dynamic President like King's College Greg Thornbury and the brilliant Dr. Stacey here at The Saint Constantine School. I … [Read More...]

Three College Half-Truths and How to See Through Them

One of my children got the mail and was excited. This young adult had received a financial package that made her dream school possible. Hope and I were excited until we read the letter very carefully.The school counted loans as student "aid." At the end of our child's time at this school, she would have owed one hundred thousand dollars. Let me state this bluntly: that school was scamming my child with four college half-truths. This is hard to say, but education has become a billion dollar b … [Read More...]

A brief, almost good word, about the Word of Faith Movement

Let's face it: the church of a Cross, martyrs, and the school for souls is not the church where the right words can make all the pain go away. Once as a boy, I was in the car and my daddy was listening to one of the "name it, claim it" pastors. At one point, the man dismissed Paul's thorn in the … [Read More...]

Time to Honor Engineers . . .

Let's go back to the old custom of making heroes of our doers: engineers, scientists, teachers, and leaders. For some reason, we confuse our actors, a fine profession, with those people, so a doctor who plays one on television is often a better salesman for a dubious product than the family GP is … [Read More...]

Oh Tammy! (Debbie Reynolds RIP)

Rest in peace, Debbie Reynolds.She was actually a Reynolds and there aren't many famous Reynolds (at least as pop culture goes). She even had the hair and skin coloring of many of the women in my family and so she seemed a bit like kin.That might have been one reason I liked her, but there … [Read More...]

The Pleasant and Unpleasant Sides of Being Lost

Terrifying to be lost as a child . . . looking up in the mall and realizing my parents are gone. Where to go? What to do? Bliss when Mom and Dad found me! I once was lost and now I am found.The Bible uses that image a good bit and it works for me. Jesus saves.However, there is another sense … [Read More...]

The Ethical Problem with Trump’s Plan: Help me Hugh?

The Trump administration is stillborn if he does not change his plans for his business.He is morally unfit for the office he holds, but a narrow majority of electors gave him the job. He is my President, but he is not one bit less the roue and misogynist than he was before the election. Yet all … [Read More...]

Go ahead and build on the sandy land . . . sort of.

Jesus said a smart thing: 24 “Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. 26 And … [Read More...]

New Year Prediction: Will Donald Trump Finish His Term in Office?

At the start of the year, I take a look at the world and make my best guesses about what will happen. Here is last year, so you know I am not infallible. Still reasonable guesses are the best a rational person can do.I still think it was not reasonable to think Trump would win against Clinton . . … [Read More...]

These are not the mermaids we expected. . .

Today Columbus, the sailor and not the city, had a disappointing day. The report says: On the previous day, when the Admiral went to the Rio del Oro, he saw three mermaids, which rose well out of the sea; though they are not so beautiful as they are painted, though to some extent they have the form … [Read More...]

The Greater Erotic

Reason is a harsh corrective to fantasies and dreams. Some dreams cannot be. No matter how much we might hope that death is an exit from all our problems, reason and human experience suggests death is no escape. Instead, dying gives way to life. Life (as the Phaedo demonstrates) never ends. We must … [Read More...]

Don’t Let Her Down Mr. Trump

Don’t let her down, Mr. Trump. I listened to my wife talk to a very hardworking bright woman about her views on the nation. It was not an education, statistics could have given me a good guess about what would be said, but it was a revelation.You could know a thing, but it is different to hear a … [Read More...]

Water First, Lecture Later: Let’s Give Water and then Preach

If you've ever been really thirsty, and found something to drink, that is the wrong time for a kind person to remind you of the problems with water bottled in plastic. I am sure such problems exist, and even wish that plastic water bottles would vanish, but at that very moment I am thirsty.It is … [Read More...]

Twelve: It is Finished . . . in a Good Way

Christmas has one more glorious day: the Twelfth Day. Jesus is born, angels have appeared, shepherds come to Bethlehem, and now the wise make it to worship the new King.The creche is complete at last as is our feast. We end in twelve . . . and that is fitting. We will, after all, end history … [Read More...]