Unbelievable: My Front Row Seat . . . the Small World of Katy Tur

When I heard Katy Tur (Trump called her Little Katy) had written a book, I was glad. Here was a person who had suffered from the ugliness and lies of the Trump campaign. For those of us who were NeverTrump, Katy Tur was heroic: Katy at the bridge fighting off the barbarians. Read her book and you cannot believe that any more. Instead, you get a person who chooses to open her book galivanting in Paris with a trivial boyfriend…. Read more

What Happened? Hillary Happened.

Hillary! That was the campaign: depending on how you reacted to Hillary! you could  vote for anyone (even Trump) rather than Hillary! or were thrilled to send her back to the White House. Hillary Rodham Clinton probably was going to win the 2016 election. She was given the most disliked opponent in American history who made mistake after mistake. She had more money, big name entertainers who worked for free, and the large DNC machine that had elected Barack Obama twice…. Read more

Darwin, Being a Christian, and Evolution

If Darwin was right, then let us follow him, but surely we can ask if he was wrong. Read more

Talking Snakes! LOOK! Talking Snakes!

Strange things happen all the time, but reality makes some people crazy. They are afraid of anything odd. This is the kind of Christian (God help us) who talks about “evil-lution” and starts joking about how atheists are related to monkeys. “That’s so weird . . . ” is not much of an argument in a universe with the duckbilled platypus. Never trust the person who mocks a thing because he thinks it sounds silly. This is the sort of chap… Read more

Probably Adam, But Waiting on the Evidence

Adam exists, probably. He surely exists as an image, an icon of our failures, and our need for help. Am I sure Adam existed as an historical human person? No. That is my working hypothesis and I think it defensible. It is the most natural interpretation of the data we have gained from divine revelation, but has problems based on present scientific understandings. Adam and Eve? I think so, but perhaps not. Christians can persist in belief in Adam and Eve given the… Read more

Finding the Living Cave: What I Learned from Odysseus

I have known men who were most at home in the woods. They know the patterns of nature and were never happier than when following those patterns. They live in the seasons. I have friends who are only comfortable when in the city, immersed with people, and they are highly skilled at telling me what is happening in society. Education tends to one or the other direction: country or town, nature or civilization. Yet civilization we are told has her… Read more

Wisdom, Jesus is Here

Charity fatigue is evidently real: people are being asked to give to flood relief in Houston, hurricane relief in Florida, and for a variety of local causes. We have so many people we would like to help that we might end up helping nobody. The same problem can apply to “causes.” Should we help end the killing of children through legal abortion? Fight racial injustice in the United States? Work to see that the poor are treated with dignity? Help… Read more

Look for the Reformation Coming from Within: Avoiding Cultural Folly

Nations that face peril need revival from the bottom to the top, but must include the wisdom of the elite. Our leadership class must look for answers that fit the beliefs of the people and not just turn to esoteric ideas that fit an international educated class. Simultaneously, to avoid destruction, we must glean the wisdom of our academic aristocrats. This is hard. Too often the elite and the folk are insulated from each other and learn to despise the wisdom… Read more

Are you bored of 9/11?

I watched the first tower come down and walked to school knowing the world was changed. As I approached my office, I saw a group of students and stopped to listen. They were complaining that there were screens in the hall and class had been dominated by discussion of the incident. One complained that in that pre-Netflix world they would be stuck with news on the screen all weekend. One put it bluntly: “World Trade Center. World Trade Center. I… Read more

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