Genie Jesus and the War Room Problem

No matter what I say, somebody is going to be mad because people take their movies seriously. Try pointing out that the third season of Star Trek is pretty bad at a fan convention. They might agree, but the justifications will begin. How do I know? I have made the excuses. There is good to be found, [Read More...]

The Twilight Struggle: Depression is a Hell of Thing

When I have faced depression, especially as the result of difficult circumstances, the dullness and sorrow often comes wrapped up with confusion or depression about certain ideas. In talking to hundreds of students over the years (not in mass meetings, but one-on-one), I have noticed a pattern: sometimes we try to self-medicate spiritually by agonizing [Read More...]

Depression: the Twilight Struggle

For me, sorrow is a low level hum at the back of all I do. Sometimes it has turned into depression where I feel like doing nothing, hiding, playing endless games of Candy Crush in a dark room. One cannot merely “cheer up” and the advice most  people give, Christian or non-Christian, is so unhelpful [Read More...]

Images: You Can’t Live Without Them

A school like The Saint Constantine School makes art, music, poetry, and literature central to education. Is that practical? Shouldn’t we center on the “facts?” Why bother with all these images and words when we could just give the bottom line? This isn’t my favorite Bible verse (John 1:14 anyone?), but I love it for [Read More...]

Blessed Assurance: My Woo Hoo Moment

“Sometimes,”an older friend said, “life gets tedious.” My problems may be first world problems, ISIS isn’t coming to get my family today, but they are my problems. I cannot wish away the nattering of the negative including the doubt in my heart. Is there a man so arrogant he knows beyond doubt his work is [Read More...]

Divine Standard Time

Jesus saw a fig tree and He cursed it. He did not do this because He was out of control. He cursed the fig tree because when the Son of Man wants figs, then they should be in season. He was running on Divine Standard Time and the tree was out of sync with goodness. [Read More...]

Examine Your Life Not Test Your Life

Most of us should examine our assumptions more than  we do. There is a reason that the Socratic command about the examined life is repeated so often. Socrates was right: the unexamined life is not worth living. A man  who will not ask himself questions thinks he is a god, but has the mental life [Read More...]

Dreaming the Wonderful Dream: The Saint Constantine School

I left one job and turned down my dream job as president of a great school because I have an improbable dream. I hope it is God’s dream. Houston is a great city. I believe it is the American city of the twenty-first century. Here we have Christians with clout, but also diversity. One can [Read More...]

The Way School Should Be: Joyful

Charles Dickens was no saint, but he knew what a saint looked like. In his great novel Hard Times he described the school of the future .  . and the future looked grim. There facts replaced passion and imagination was forbidden. The Gradgrind teacher was a name dropper, had credentials, but viewed each student as [Read More...]

Three Things Christian Colleges Can Get Right

Students should look back on college with joy, but many are saddled with horrible debt that ruins their memories and harms the rest of their lives. What is to be done? Few Christian colleges are flush. Most struggle to do a good work with few resources and less acclaim. The hard working professors are overworked [Read More...]