Last Acts: Serve Regardless like Elizabeth Romanov

Show me a Christian who does good only to do well in the things of this world and I will turn away in sorrow. Show me a Christian that heeds the words of Jesus and sells all she has and gives it to the poor and I will sit and ponder anew what the Almighty [Read More...]

The Stupid Use of Power You Have: Fourth of July Lesson

Wise mentors gave me a lesson about leading that has stood up very well: If you have power, do not test it unless you must. When a leader must use power, he has failed somehow and will have less power in victory than he had before he won. This is a general truth and I [Read More...]

Dear Doctor: Is is not Ought

Dr. Greg is the sort of guy who helped save my marriage in year seven, has helped my depression, and sorted out issues for many members of my family. By contrast, as a philosopher my job is to clarify ideas, words, and sort out arguments. This has some value, but much less than healing souls. [Read More...]

My Life Long Pal: Brother Love

My brother and I were close enough, anti-Soviet enough, and 1980′s enough to weep when the two brothers died in Red Dawn. You had to be there. I once convinced him to trade me all his toys for a stick of gum, but Daniel had the last laugh. He complained to Mom and she gave Daniel back [Read More...]

Just Quit? No. We don’t panic.

One of my all-time favorite television programs was Dad’s Army. This was the story of the aging home guard that was called up to defend Great Britain against a possible German invasion. The show, like Hogan’s Heroes, takes a mildly irreverent look at the good war. My favorite character, Corporal Lance-Corporal Jack Jones, a Victorian fighting a different war, [Read More...]

The Heart of the Problem: A Society that Wants More

Americans have always struggled with limits. Even our Victorian era was more expansive than the one over the water. If we want it, Americans will find a way to justify it. This has been true for a very long time about our consumption of food and buying stuff. Over my lifetime, it has become true [Read More...]

Three Things Better About Today

So I don’t agree with the Supreme Court. I do not think there is a right to vice. Nothing I am about to say will let me into the cool kids’ club. That is not my goal. Nor am I forced to hate my country. It has never been my country right or wrong, but [Read More...]

Thank You Sir

Taking a plane trip is wonderful because I always meet someone new. On the day this was written, I was in an airport I shall not name where I met an older couple who had been married sixty-two years. They were still fussing about who got which coffee and whether his placing it on the [Read More...]

In Which I Have Nothing Much To Say about Wiz Khalifa . . . Yet.

Much of pop culture is horrible, but then much of pop culture has always been horrible. Have you read the words to any given Stephen Foster song? Just now the number one song in America is by Wiz Khalifa and is entitled See You Again. He has managed to be honored by the city of Pittsburgh while [Read More...]

Standing with the Curve of History

Today I rejoice that I stand with the long curve of history and the majority of public opinion. Jesus is Lord and remains Lord today. History often detours and His providence is inscrutable in the short term, but justice with mercy, holiness with salvation, always prevails. I am more concerned about the great states of [Read More...]