The State of the Presidential Race

The race for President is almost fully formed. Kasich might run, at least as a favorite son candidate, and Biden might still grip and grin his way into confronting Clinton, but most of the serious players are already in the race. Trump is also running. Clinton is blessed to confront the non-electable, the indigestible, and [Read More...]

Money is Made: Running for President and Making Christian Movies

Why do hopeless candidates run for President? For some, it is obviously ego. Ever since they became Parks and Recreation director in Schenectady, they have heard “Hail to the Chief” in their minds. Others have discerned a unique business opportunity: if you can convince even a tiny niche of a party that you will be [Read More...]

Thought Bubbles and Ideas: More Philosophy from Inside Out

Pixar is the most consistent film company in the United States. The company has mostly made excellent movies, has a few mediocre titles, (Cars series shout out), and no bad films. Inside Out is as good as the best of Pixar and that means it is funny, well written, and thoughtful. Like all great films, Inside Out has images so [Read More...]

Inside Out: Brilliant Film, Helpful Philosophy

Inside Out would be the movie of the year if animation and family friendly films were not treated with condescension by the Academy. Most likely, the winner will be some film few saw, easily forgotten, but full of portentous meaning. This  you can know: we will be watching Inside Out when all the creators are gone and [Read More...]

Emulate Pixar: The Way Forward for Christian Movies

I know fine, young, Christian filmmakers and film mavens: HBU’s Josh Sikora . . . Nate Marshall. . . Nate Bell. They are out there: creative, working hard, and learning the craft. And yet when I turn on Christian television programming, look at most Christian “YouTube” or watch (God helping me) most Christian movies, I [Read More...]

When Your Anniversary is on Father’s Day

Today is my twenty-ninth wedding anniversary and it also happens to be Father’s Day. Since getting married help make me a father and my actual Dad did our wedding (the parts where he wasn’t crying) . . . the two things fit together nicely. I am fairly sure my Dad likes Hope at least as [Read More...]

Some Kids are OK

There is nothing that irritates me more than the fatuous belief that the “kids are all right.” No moral decline is so great that somebody, somewhere, will not proclaim “the kids are all right” and compare the real degeneracy to the antics of their youth down by the soda fountain. “Our folks worried about us,” [Read More...]

Six Things I Hate Because God Hates Them

God helping me, there are six things I hate following the Lord’s example and there are even seven that are an abomination to me. God says: These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked [Read More...]

One Way to Honor the Dead: Get Rid of the Flag of Treason and Slavery

On a day that a terrorist murdered African-Americans at prayer only one flag should flay at half-staff, Old Glory, and not the flag of murder, rapine, and slavery. The terrorist attack in South Carolina is one of many that have been perpetrated against the African-American community in American history. It is not an isolated event [Read More...]

No Muggles- Nobody Left Behind (On How Harry Potter Got Me to Wheatstone This Summer) Part III/III

Mr. Weasley is more important than you might think if you read the Harry Potter series without care. Mr. Weasley is brave enough and a good enough employee at the Ministry of Magic, which turns out to be rare, but that is not what taught me something so important that I have to go to Wheatstone Academy this [Read More...]