Waking Up in a Dark Wood

I woke up after doom had come and I had nobody to blame for it but myself. My parents were excellent, my church winsome, and my education better than I deserved, but I wanted more. The best part of me wanted Jesus and a relationship with Him. Maybe. Or it could easily have been that [Read More...]

Pray for all sinners

What is sin? At the very least, sin is anything that breaks or mars the goodness of God’s world. Let us take a very simple plant: tobacco. It is good and God made it good. There is no sin in it and there must be hundreds of uses of the stuff that would cause no [Read More...]

What Love Isn’t: Romeo and Juliet

“I love Rosalind!” “Oh. Wait! I love Juliet!” And so starts the great tragedy Romeo and Juliet where the “hero” Romeo manages to mess up everyone’s life by his lack of chastity. Preparing to teach the play has reminded me of how healthy the play is: love, eros, and natural law all mix together, but when [Read More...]

Beautiful Thoughts

The world is so connected that every action we take has implications that cannot be imagined. As a result, we cannot predict outcomes with any surety. What seems practical might fail and what seems irrational might work. God works tirelessly bringing what is best to the world. No human can ever see the intricacies of [Read More...]

Find the Good and Think about It

A simple way to know a religious grifter is to look for fear mongering. The religious grifter uses fear to create a crisis and the crisis is an opportunity to sell product. If there is not trouble in River City, with a capital T, then there is no need for the grifter’s product. We need [Read More...]

“No limits,” he lied.

The worst liar I ever knew was my athletic trainer, though I doubt he meant to lie. He had been taught a series of slogans which he would break out at the drop of a barbell. . . and I dropped barbells frequently. One of my least favorite mottos he had was: no limits. I [Read More...]

Love and Knowledge: Paul and His Beloved

Smart people who can be unloving while supposedly loving people live in the false charity of lies. Truth can be misused, but remains irrepressibly true while love can degenerate into moral cowardice combined with a hug. Love should grow in knowledge. Love demands knowledge of the beloved . . . as even the merely infatuated know. In [Read More...]

The Wonder of It All: Paul and Plato

Saturating in a great book is good, in two great books better. Laches is one of Plato’s shorter dialogs and full of wisdom on living the good life as is Philippians. The great Jewish rabbi Paul placed (out of time!) in dialog with the greatest philosopher gives me fresh insight to both men. Paul is writing a letter [Read More...]

Badly Edited, Still Horrific

The Washington Post is no friend of right-to-life groups. Read their story and then watch the video, if you can stomach it. Here is what nobody denies: an executive of Planned Parenthood calmly discusses crushing a baby during an abortion so she can salvage body parts while munching on her salad and sipping her wine. [Read More...]

Stop Talking about “Young People”

Once upon a time, my adult children, still in the demographic often described as “young,” were complaining that they were invisible. None of them fit any descriptions used to fit young adults-the stereotypes or the boxes. Are they conservative? Sort of, but in different ways. Are they liberal? Sort of, but in different ways. In [Read More...]