Happy Leaders: A Clue for Leadership

Picking a President is hard, but at least our vote does not count so much. If we are wrong (and I have certainly regretted every vote for any candidate named Arnold), our vote was not decisive. Our guilt need not be so great. Still I want to choose. . . wisely. . . not because [Read More...]

Carly Cannot Win

Carly Fiorina is Mitt Romney without the heart. That is not my opinion, I like Carly Fiorina, but it is what will be done to her in the general election. Republican voters are tolerant of business executives who had to send jobs offshore or fire workers. The general electorate is not. She left her last [Read More...]

Better to Die than to Tell a Lie

My Dad has, as far as I know, never told a lie. He is so honest that if we can get him to say that we will do a thing, we know we will do it . . . I think even if he died, then Zombie Dad would make sure it got done. Dad is [Read More...]

Live Debate Blog

The second debate has begun and the candidates introduce themselves. Just as a sophomore movie is rarely as good, I fear a sophomore slump. The JV candidate has gotten off the stage and the people rejoice. George Pataki argued that the Declaration of Independence is Iranian since it puts the laws of nature and of [Read More...]

Establishment Republicans and Trump

Establishment Republicans are on the ropes: Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the leading Republican candidates. I have no love for any “establishment” anywhere. Is there any doubt that money and influence corrupt many of our leaders in the evil marriage between big business and big government? And yet this is where I do not [Read More...]

A Pearl Not Worth Anything

Jesus told a story about a man who found a pearl of great price and sold everything he had to get the pearl. He gave up something of less value for something of greater value. John Steinbeck gives his characters a pearl of great monetary price in The Pearl and the pearl destroys the happiness [Read More...]

Don’t Leave the Future to Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders, socialist, spoke at Liberty University and sounded many Biblical themes. Socialism is not communism: obviously. Communism was an outgrowth of atheism and killed more Christians, more humans, than any system in human history. You cannot be a Christian and be a communist: ask the Chinese or North Korean governments. You can be [Read More...]

To Love the Poor, You Should At Least Mention Them

Some discussions feel like they are on an endless loop doomed to repeat like the song I’ve Got You, Babe in the movie Groundhog Day. Discuss poverty with Christians and the assumption is that you are a political liberal. Apparently Americans cannot imagine a solution to poverty that does not include the government. Yet no conservative [Read More...]

My Summer of Steinbeck: Religious Bigot?

California was the Texas of the twentieth century: the land of opportunity and growth. It was also a place that exploited many of the people who came for the promise and that is not so different either. This summer was my summer of Steinbeck. He was a writer who understood promise, disappointment, exploitation, and the [Read More...]

Ten Nice Things about Donald Trump

If Donald Trump needs my vote to win the nomination, he will not win the nomination of Lincoln’s Party. Yet my family has a tradition that we must think of five nice things to say of a man before we are critical. I have no favorite yet in this GOP primary since Theodore Roosevelt refused [Read More...]