Listen to My Interview on NPR

This morning, I was on my local NPR station (WNPR 90.5 in Hartford) as part of a panel of people discussing prenatal screening. We talked about lots of practical issues (the tests available, the process of making decisions around testing, etc.) as well as the stickier ethical and emotional questions that the increasing availability of prenatal tests raises.

Also on the show were Alicia Craffey (a genetic counselor at the UConn Health Center, who happened to be my counselor during my three pregnancies); Erik Parens, Ph.D. (a bioethicist with the Hastings Center); Brian Skotko, M.D. (medical geneticist at Children’s Hospital, Boston); and Holly Salegna (parent of a child with Down syndrome and affiliated with the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress).

You can listen to the show, which lasted about an hour, through the WNPR web site.



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