Patheos (& Other) Peeps: Alison Hodgson on Etiquette for Perilous Times

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Writer Alison Hodgson appeared on my blog earlier this week with her apt reflection on the precipitous mood swings that we writers live with. Alison describes herself as an expert in “etiquette for perilous times.” She recently wrote three guest blog posts for my editor and friend Jana Riess, covering the etiquette of what not to say in three different perilous situations. Alison comes by this advice honestly, as it arises from her own experiences as the mom of a child with special needs who also watched her family’s home burn down not too long ago. Listen to Alison. She knows what she is talking about.

#1: What Not to Say…to the Parents of Special Needs Kids

#2: What Not to Say…When Someone Loses Their Home

#3: What Not to Say…To Someone Who Offers You Help

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