Patheos (& Other) Peeps: The Festival of Faith and Writing

Every Friday, I post a link to a blog post, sometimes written by one of my fellow bloggers at Patheos, a web portal devoted to religion and spirituality, and sometimes by another blogger whose work I admire. I encourage my blog readers to click through to read these posts, comment, and if you like what you read, follow these bloggers as well.

As I’ve mentioned a bajillion times, I spent the latter half of last week at the incomparable Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. For many of us writers who focus on faith and spirituality, the Festival feels like a big ol’ family reunion, with lots of relatives you’ve never met before but that you somehow feel you already know.

So for this week’s shout-out to another blogger, I decided to link to some other attendees’ ponderings on their Festival experiences. Just as I did in my  recap, these bloggers all include numerous links to the writers and writings featured at the Festival. So if you’re looking to while away an hour or two at your computer, soaking in great writing from great writers, this is a great place to start.

Here, in no particular order, are the following bloggers’ reflections on the Festival of Faith and Writing 2012:

Michelle Van Loon (writing for the Redbud Writers Guild blog—My favorite gem from this recollection is Daniel Taylor’s advice to “Write grief, not grievance.” Oh yes. I need to remember that one. And the “shoeless dinner” to which Michelle refers was a Redbud Writers Guild gathering at a Grand Rapids sushi restaurant. I had never eaten sushi before. Yes, really. I don’t much like seafood. And I still don’t much like sushi. But the company was excellent.)

Jana Riess (writing for the Religion News Service)

Jennifer Grant (on her eponymous web site/blog)

John Wilson (writing for Books and Culture)

If you know of other blog posts following up on this year’s Festival of Faith and Writing, please feel free to post the links in the comments. I’m doing my best to keep up with them all…and there are many!


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