[Snapshots from Oak Ridge] My Writing Companion

When I sit outside to write, my dog Sunday insists on being nearby, even when she doesn’t particularly want to be because it’s very hot, as it was when I took this photo. She crawls into the shade under the car or right under the bench where I sit, ready to bounce up and follow me should I make a move toward the cooler confines of the house. Sunday was something of a default dog; we adopted her after giving up two previous rescue dogs, because she was one of the rare puppies that the rescue group we were working with had available. If it were completely up to me, because I gravitate toward big dogs—labs, retrievers, hounds—I would not have chosen a terrier mix who wouldn’t weigh much more than 10 pounds full grown. But circumstances being what they were, we adopted Sunday last June. Now I have a constant companion willing to hang out in the yard on one of the summer’s hottest days, just because that’s where I am. I adore her and believe the feeling is mutual. (After I took this photo, I retreated inside, where Sunday gratefully collapsed into her dog bed and took a nap.)

About Ellen Painter Dollar

Ellen Painter Dollar is a writer focusing on faith, parenting, family, disability, and ethics. She is the author of No Easy Choice: A Story of Disability, Faith, and Parenthood in an Age of Advanced Reproduction (Westminster John Knox, 2012). Visit her web site at http://ellenpainterdollar.com for more on her writing and speaking, and to sign up for a (very) occasional email newsletter.

  • http://timfall.wordpress.com/ Tim

    Sunday sounds like a wonderful companion. And what a great name for a dog. Dogs nap so much that they are a constant reminder of rest (even if they are energetic dogs, they still sleep a ton), and resting makes me think of Sabbath so Sunday works well as a dog’s name!

    • http://ellenpainterdollar.com/ Ellen Painter Dollar

      I wish she napped more than she does! We chose her name because her mom’s name was Easter, and also because we knew another dog named Sunday who was a great dog. Then, as it turned out, we discovered she was born on a Sunday and we also brought her home on a Sunday. So it clearly was the right name!

  • Dave Parker

    > I would not have chosen a terrier mix who wouldn’t weigh much more than 10 pounds full grown.

    We adopted a terrier, named Brittany, when my kids were little, and she worked out great.

    A tearful little boy was taking her around the neighborhood trying to give her away because his family was moving to a place that didn’t allow dogs, and his parents were going to take Brittany to the pound. So we took her. She turned out to be wonderful with our kids, and was fiercely protective of them, of us, and of our house. She even acted as mother to a kitten we adopted, named Tiger, from another kid taking their pets around the neighborhood before moving.

    P.S. Belated thank you for posting the pictures from your garden. I was with a group of people a couple of days ago, and one of them pointed to a flower I recognized from your post last week and asked what kind it was. In the half second before anyone else could answer, I said “hydrangeas”. Did I then stoop to steering the conversation toward red lily leaf beetles just to make people think I was a plant genius? Of course. :)

    • http://ellenpainterdollar.com/ Ellen Painter Dollar

      Nice to know my garden photos are so useful!