The Process of Emergent Village Theological Conversation

Over the last dozen years Emergent Village has hosted conversations with Theologians. The idea is to put practioners in conversation with theoreticians. The conversations have spanned a wide spectrum of perspectives.

The 2012 conversation will be with Process Theologians January 31-Feb 2, 2012 at Clairmont School of Theology in the Los Angeles area.

You may not be familiar with Process thought, or may have written it off, or may be an adherent. Regardless you are invited to this conversation.

Bruce Epperly will be one of the presenters and I talked with him on my Radio Show about Process Theology.


Also a little After-Christmas special: I have worked with the Publisher of my Inventive Age book to offer a great deal to my Emergent friends on Kindle version of two of my latest books.  Click Here to get Church in the Inventive Age and Preaching in the Inventive Age for $.99 this week only.



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  • Jefry Lie

    Thanks for the christmas discount, Doug…
    I like the introduction of your books…
    Very enlighten..

  • So nice reading your post related to this subject,we are so interested on this,Thanks for your sharing,we learn a lot from it.

  • First,Thanks for your effort on creating such wonderful post,we want to tell you that we are very intereted on this subject,Thanks.

  • Jim Rogers

    Does anyone have suggestions for theological degree programs with an emergent leaning? Online would be best