Two Events for the Missional Church

When Doug and I started The JoPa Group, it was an effort to resource the missional church for a sustainable future.  We’ve been running social media boot camps and some other events over the last couple years.  But we’re especially excited about what we’ve got planned for 2012.  We’ll be hosting two consecutive events in Minneapolis in May:

Funding the Missional ChurchFunding the Missional Church will take place in Minneapolis, May 1-3.  It’s a conference to explore the best thinking and practices in building sustainable generosity within missional congregations.  Speakers include Brad Cecil, Deb Hirsch, Keith Magnuson, and Doug Pagitt.

church planters academyThe Church Planters Academy will take place May 3-5, and it’s a gathering for anyone who’s planted a church, is planning to plant a church, or has ever dreamed of planting a church.  Instructors include Nadia Bolz-Weber, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Tim Keel, Nanette Sawyer, and Debbie Blue, so you know that the very best practices of new church development will be taught.

We really hope that a lot of you will join us at one or both events!

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  • Nick Fox

    What is the price of the Church Planters Academy? The website says both $195 and $95. Thanks.

  • videos cristianos

    Church Planters Academy sounds very interesting, there are not many initiatives like this one, perhaps you can post more details about it, I am sure that more people are interested as well. God bless