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The Second of February This and Every Year

PATHEOS – Feb 2012I am not a feminist. I feel compelled to say that right here at the beginning, probably as an apology. The truth of the thing is that I was born far too long before the feminist movement for my understanding of gender to have been shaped into anything like a contemporary posture. That does not mean that I don’t applaud most of the cultural and political changes that have been effected by the younger women who have come after me. I do. The point here, instead, is that it is t … [Read more...]

Evangelism Celebration

Today my book Evangelism in the Inventive Age releases and I want to celebrate with my Emergent Village friends by giving you a copy of BodyPrayer.There are two ways to get in on the celebration gift:Order a copy of the book today. Mention that you bought it on your social stream (Facebook, Twitter, or blog) and send me an email (Pagitt at with the receipt, link and your mailing address. Order the book by Feb 15 and write a review on Amazon and send me an … [Read more...]