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The Shift into Post-Christendom

Earlier this year, Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and, thereby, formerly the tutelary head of the Anglican communion world-wide, shocked me. Then, I was further shocked by the discovery that I should have not been shocked in the first place…that I was, in fact, one of a fairly limited number of folk who were even surprised by what Lord Carey did.What Lord Carey did, acting from his position as former Archbishop, was to file a written statement to the European Court of Human R … [Read more...]

Jesus and Mary love and marriage

Hi! I am a new blogger to the site so this topic was fresh news when I first wrote it. The delay has enabled me to add some additional thoughts and make some changes.So news of Jesus’ marriage to Mary (Magdelene one assumes) beamed into our minds recently; a gospel fragment from the 2nd Century has been discovered shedding yet more ‘light on to Jesus’ marriage status. Much is already being posted online, written about and discussed at home, in work and in churches worldwide. So, why am I, a m … [Read more...]

Reply to Kurt Willems on, “Is the church still emerging?”

After leaving the following comment on his blog, I wanted to follow up on this important question:An Emergence authority like Phyllis Tickle would say definitively yes. It's the topic of her latest book Emergence Christianity On Patheos, Kurt Willems has recently brought up the issue about emerging churches here and here, which struck me as an emergent Christian. What does the adjective mean? My opinion is not authoritative, nor definitive, since this community h … [Read more...]

Sexual Addiction: an insider story

Today on my Radio Show I talked with TC Ryan about his book Ashamed No More: A pastors journey through sexual addiction.In the book Tom gives an insider understanding the issues facing not only pastors but anyone struggling with addiction.(you can keep up with all the Doug Pagitt Radio Videos on Youtube here and subscribe to the Audio Podcast here and connect to the Radio Show website here and Doug Pagitt on Facebook here)Here is part 1 of the conversation:Here is part 2 of … [Read more...]