A Brief Introduction

Hello readers,

My name is Denika Anderson, and I’m a recent addition to the EV blog. In the interests of making my often-jumbled thoughts comprehensible and my origins clear, I’ve decided to briefly locate myself, theologically and otherwise.

  1. I am female.
  2. I am twenty years of age.
  3. I am of European descent and am a citizen of the United States.
  4. I am straight and married. (Additionally: to an amazing man.)
  5. I am theologically progressive.
  6. I vote Green.
  7. I come out of the Lutheran tradition, but went to a Baptist university. I’m going to a Lutheran seminary, though, so they reeled me back in.
  8. I majored in Bible and Theology, and am just starting my M.Div.
  9. I am a youth pastor (at an American Baptist church).
  10. I write with pro-GLBT, pro-gender equality, pro-social and -environmental justice, pro-science, nonviolent, non-inerrantist, process/open theist, pluralist, and moral relativist assumptions, among others that I’m sure I’m forgetting.
  11. I also have a personal blog. Please visit me there as well because I base my self-worth on my stats page.

I’ll begin producing real content shortly, I promise.

With love,


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  • mike h

    I look forward to reading your stuff.
    btw…i tried the link to your personal blog and got a page not found error.

  • Denika Anderson

    Thanks! I fixed the link, I think, so it should work now. If not, it’s wanderingthedesert.wordpress.com.

  • As a fellow EV blogger, welcome, thanks for the intro. but beware of #11. Unless you’re connected to Tony Jones, you might be in for a bit of a let down. We write for the beauty, the humanity, the faith, the doubt. We write here because we can’t often find other contexts where our ideas are appreciated and shared. So welcome again and I look forward to reading your contributions.

    • Denika Anderson

      Thanks for the warning Michael, but that was supposed to be delivered a bit tongue-in-cheek:)

  • I figured as much. And so was mine. Welcome again.