The need for a new kind of Atheism

I chatted with Kile Jones about the “emerging atheism” that I see developing in our culture. I find it to be an important part of the landscape of religion and faith in our world.

Videos are below – you can get the audio of this show and all the Doug Pagitt Radio show here.

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  • Irish Libertarian

    There is no new kind of atheism. Atheism= The rejection of belief in deities. Attempts to add or subtract from this meaning is ridiculous.

  • However attempts to add or subtract to the ways atheists engage other religions is essential. The world has enough religious hostility so how can it hurt to have atheists who are more civil toward the world religions?

  • Jeff Straka

    As a former “emergent Christian” and new “emergent non- theist”, I see this interfaith dialog that includes this fast-growing segment critical. Great interview!