Contemplative Activism: An Outflow of the Broken Heart

“Justice is the outflow of the broken heart.” James FinleyI have been an activist longer than I have been a Christian. I always get a laugh when I say that I broke up with Jesus in high school. But like any break up, it was painful and losing my faith was no party. Fast forward 20 years of activism and I found myself having a “dark night of the soul” and grieving my mother after her passing. During that time a friend gave me a book by Rob Bell and I encountered another kind of Christianity, o … [Read more...]

Jesus Was A Man

I’ve been doing yoga therapy lately. In simplistic terms it’s a kind of counseling that takes the body along for the ride.  In these sessions I have been uncovering beliefs that I have held about men. It’s pretty much all borne from an oppressive and abusive father. But in the journey it’s also uncovered mean boys from my youth, the man who raped me and the boyfriends who broke my heart. It all leads to the same kind of message; men aren’t safe.So I’ve been wondering, how exactly do I give my … [Read more...]

Father Richard Rohr on Sacred Wounds by Author Teresa Pasquale

Father Richard Rohr authored the foreword for Teresa Pasquale's new book, Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma released today by Chalice Press. Chalice has made the foreword available and we thought this would be great to share in the post-modern church conversation / movement. We at Emerging Voices have been huge fans of Teresa's healing work for a couple of years and are excited to see this work become widely available and accessible. Foreword by Father Richard … [Read more...]

Charleston and the Grief of Prophets

Five of us from the Transform Network leadership team were at the Sojourners Summit when we heard about the killing of 9 people at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. I happened to run into two people that next Wednesday morning in the lobby of the Summit that I had only met online and via phone, Lindsay Andreolli-Comstock from the Beatitudes Society and Jacqui Lewis from Middle Collegiate Church. We said our hellos and as they headed off to what looked to be a meeting, I was invited to join. … [Read more...]

How White People Need to Talk to White People About Race (and Why)

Last night we had a live streamed conversation on YouTube about "How White People Need to Talk to White People About Race." Over 400 people RSVP'd on the Facebook event, which is a much larger audience than we have ever reached in our monthly Open Conversations.  During the video we had over 250 views, social media engagement was really strong and it has been shared and viewed widely.  This makes me think that white people are really struggling to talk about race.  I invite you to watch the vid … [Read more...]

Speak Out & Defend Net Neutrality

We at Transform are working on defending net neutrality because we really see it as an important civil rights issue.Can you please take a couple minutes to read the script below into your web cam?This would be a great thing to blog about this month as well. Congress votes on this issue on the 26th. Recording the video is easy:Click here to record directly to YouTube: will need to log in to your YourTube/Gmail … [Read more...]

A Conversation on New Wave Emergence

There seems to be a moment in every story, where things have to change in order to move forward. We see moments in history in all movements and paradigms where new life needs to bloom and, in response to this need, fresh ingredients come together -- to transform life and community into a new manifestation of what came before. This is why humanity and its lexicon created terms like “paradigm shift” and “new wave” in movements. Like the shifting of terra, the tectonic plates of culture and society … [Read more...]

Incarnation, Hope, Darkness and Waiting for Change

For Christians, December is an expectant month. We've set our clocks back, noticed our emotions darken a bit with the abrupt change to early evening darkness and in many places, a downward trudge into increasingly cold weather. As we move into the depths of winter toward the lights of Christmas, we would like to reflect on the things that give us hope in the darkness and in this time of waiting - waiting for justice, waiting for healing. What sustains us in this period of waiting? One thing that … [Read more...]

Journeying Through the Dark Side of Emergent Christianity (Toward the Light!)

This month on the Emerging Voices blog we want to focus on moving through darkness and into light ie: transformation. Tomorrow Teresa Pasquale is going to speak to us about healing woundedness. But today I want to talk about leadership and some of the dynamic that have generated some of the woundedness we see in the Emergent movement.Emergent leadership is being called into question and has been for sometime. In the past few years I have watched the founders of this conversation be attacked … [Read more...]

Right Sized: A Quest for Humility by Michaela Kyle

For most of my life I hadn’t the faintest idea what humility was.  I would hear others share stories about deeply embarrassing experiences followed by a remark along the lines of “Well, I sure got my piece of humble pie…” I witnessed creative, intelligent, and beautiful human beings respond to praise by belittling the subject of admiration, whether it be their appearance, personality, or work. Over and over, I observed people out rightly disagreeing and even arguing with those who dared complime … [Read more...]