The Emerging Voices blog picks up where the Emergent Village Voice left off. We are no less than 50 rotating voices speaking daily into this movement to continue conversations around Emergence and emerging Christianity. We hope that by keeping this space alive, all those who are emerging can find mile markers of resonance along their journey. We also hope to inspire action for justice among Emergent, emerging, progressive Christians and all allies of hope, so that we might put our faith, together, toward praxis and help make the world we inhabit more Christ-like. We are 50% women, 50% people of color, 25% LGBTQ and 10% international voices and we have much to say.

Anita Brown
Anthony Smith
Bec Cranford-Smith
Brian McLaren
Bushi Yamato Damashii
Cesar Soto
Cristina Mejia
Daniel Ledo
David Hayward
Denika Anderson
Elsie Dennis
Emma Eagle Heart-White
Eric English
George Elerick
Holly Roach
Isaiah Brokenleg
Jamie Osborne
Janel Apps Ramsey
Jared Vasquez
Joe Boyd
Joerg Rieger
Joe Kim
KC Jones
Kile Jones
Killjoy Prophets
Kisha Parker
Leigh Finnegan
Lelanda Lee
Marg Herder
Mark Longhurst
Melvin Bray
Michael Bussee
Michael Dowd
Michaela Kyle
Micky Jones
Mihee Kim-Kort
Mike Stavlund
Rebekah Berndt
Riley O’Brien Powell
Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
Romal Tune
Russell Rathbun
Scott Bostic
Steve Hollinghurst
Steve Knight
Teresa Pasquale
Theresa Soto
Tim Conder